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  1. Mickym

    Transit power loss

    Had it plugged in today at an independent garage and it diagnosed 3 glow plugs out and the mechanic believes this is the cause of my power loss
  2. Mickym

    Transit power loss

    Had the van serviced today with all new filters and it has made no difference what so ever, is there any chance it could be the pressure control sensor on the end of the fuel pump
  3. Mickym

    Transit power loss

    Ok mate thanks for that I’ll get it changed this weekend and hopefully it cures it
  4. Mickym

    Transit power loss

    Ok mate il try that and see thanks
  5. Mickym

    Transit power loss

    It has been fully serviced in a ford dealership mate
  6. Mickym

    Transit power loss

    Hi I’ve recently bought a 2014 2.2 transit, there seems to be a sudden loss of power as though I’m not getting any boost from the turbo or not enough diesel, it always occurs when I’m about to put my foot down to go past another vehicle or go up a hill basin when I need a bit more power, there are no faults showing and I’ve slready had the egr blanked and the dpf by passed as I was told these may be the problem but they have made no difference, any help would be greatly appreciated