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  1. Just do what I did, I had a Focus ST-Line, and then bought the full blown ST, problem solved
  2. A few more photos taken this afternoon,
  3. Hi fellow Ford members, Have been away for a few months, since Dec, when I purchased my first Ford, Focus ST-Line 1.5, which I really love, was a truly amazing car. However, today all my hopes/dreams/wishes have come true, as this morning I took delivery of my dream car, 2018 Focus ST-3 (photos attached). To say I'm really pleased with it is an understatement, it truly is a work of art, a great job by Ford, it's been easy to find an excuse to drive it today. To know that you can pootle along at say 40mph in 6th gear, and at the drop of a penny, you can be off like a shot. I'm looking forward to many years of exciting motoring Anyone else feel the same about theirs?
  4. Cheers Tom, Tend to agree with thoughts around fuel/noise ratings, but like yourself, do pay more attention to wet handling/braking, have manage to find PS4's for around £136 a corner. One more question regarding tyres, I want to rotate the current fronts with the rears, but have been told it's not possible due to TPMS. Is this true?
  5. Apparently the Pilot Sport 4's are improved with C grade for fuel, and A grade for wet handling, problem solved
  6. Hi all, Currently running Focus 1.5L Ecoboost St-Line, on 235/40/18 Michelin Pilot Sport 3, and need to replace front tires, had planned on a like-for-like, however on looking at the fuel efficiency grading of these tires, (Grade E) am considering other options. Anyone any recommendations Thanks
  7. Uploaded some new photos straight after a visit to car wash
  8. Curious as to what aftermarket camera was used, have some some wedge cameras, which are drilled into bodywork (not on my car) and some units that replace the current boot catch, keen to use that one Thanks all
  9. Thanks Jonro, In my day, it was either XR3i or Astra GTE, Seriously, though I love the whole Ford package in the current spec, had it less than a week, and still so much fun, there will come a time when economy takes over from the fun side, and I start to drive it a little more conservatively. Most of the pics I have were taken in the evening, but will aim to get some up at the weekend, it's black in colour, had the apperance pack fitted originally, so 18' alloys/privacy glass/daytime running lights Thanks for the welcome
  10. Hello fellow Focus owners, I'm looking to retro fit a reversing camera to my 2017 Focus ST-Line (Sync 3) Has anyone had experience of doing this, and if so, which camera would you recommend, and how easy is it to fit I realise that the Sync 3 head unit will need to be programmed, but am keen to get camera fitted asap Thanks for any info provided
  11. Hello Ford owners, Having been a driver since 89, I was part of the generation where you were either Ford or Vauxhall. Sad to say for my early years, I favoured the Vauxhall, ranging from Astra/Cavalier (SRi/GSi) right up to my present car, Vauxhall Insiginia. Following a number of ongoing issues with the Insignia, I decided it was time for a change, yet was undecided on what to buy next. I thought about SUV/Hatch, but with so much on the market, the decision was a taxing one. Fast forward to a few months ago, where I needed to hire a car for a journey to the Midlands, after not having much confidence that the Insignia would make it. I picked up the hire car, Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost ST-Line, have to say was very surprised by the whole package, right down to the styling/handling/performance/ergonomics, everything just seemed to be right. So my decision was made, it would have to be the Focus in this spec, however my biggest concern was the engine, while it's performance did come as a surprise, I always felt more was needed, particularly when looking to overtake mid range. So I scoured the internet, and can proudly say I am now the owner of 2017 Ford Focus 1.5 Ecoboost ST-Line, and boy what a package Ford have put together. It puts a smile on my face everyday, its performance amazes me, any revs/any gear, just foot down and off you go. You think you're going too fast into a corner/roundabout, the car just copes with it, I am amazed every day, Look forward to following fellow Ford drivers, and long may this car rule