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  1. Ahh, just joined to ask about this myself. Daughters 2012 KA has a nasty vibration sometimes and I have tracked it down to the airbox and that pipe. The orginal rubbers on the airbox have been trashed over the years and i think its mounted with some rubbers that are harder than the original mounting system and causes vibration with that pipe, there appears to be little flex between the parts causing the vibration. Cannot find the rubbers/mountings for sale on their own though, just the complete airbox housing for almost £180. Any tips? Thank You.
  2. Hi guys & gals, just when I thought I could hang up my family Taxi gloves, when she who emptied my wallet (often) passed her driving test and got her first car. But now she is turning me into her 27/4 mechanic instead. Any other parents in the same situation? Or have I been manipulated?