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  1. loss of power

    ...well cautiously it seems a service has done the trick, fuel light came on and stayed on and no loss of power as has happened before...still lots of wee niggles to sort so a watching brief so far.. ..though i think i need a 5 yr old to look at the central locking fuse and the dipped offside front bulb, my hands are too !Removed! big!
  2. loss of power

    ok so i just had her serviced and it looks like she'd been neglected, mechanic tells me the plugs were burnt out. Tbh i'm not sure if this helps explain the loss of power, it may be a coincidence that i was low on fuel both times it happened, guess i'll wait and see but thanks all for suggestions thus far.
  3. loss of power

    ok so just did the diagnostic, apart from the Bulb test showing R20 then E002 the actual DTC part of it showed no error codes at all...
  4. loss of power

    funny i've had dirty fuel suggested to me though she was far from full to the brim to start with and i've added a couple of gallons in the last week, i guess it all just gets mixed and could well be in the pipes. Would that require a full drain and flush? Had read the dtc code thing this morning so i'll get onto that...presuming i get home lol.
  5. loss of power

    Morning This morning en route to work i suffered the above, felt as if i was running out of fuel. Car came to a stop, left it for about a minute, restarted with out issue but was unable to go above 2nd with any kind of revs, the car felt choked off when any revs were applied and limped into work. There was no fuel warning light on in the car when i started off but having restarted it in the last hour its come on now, and i had thought it was a bit thirsty in the last few days. This had previously happened to my wife last Thurs but having gone through a large puddle we felt that might have been the cause. i have searched on the forum and found several possible causes. Now this car is new to me but i need a measured approach to resolving this. i'm aware it could be ..fuel pump ..petentiometer ..fuel filter ..EGR etc.. Do i simply have it serviced and start with the simplest thing first or have some other issues looked at in more depth at the same time?
  6. what sealant

    hi new member and new owner of a 98 MK1 1.8 16v zetec.. I'm pretty sure i have the pollen filter leak and another leak that flows into the spare wheel well, some have suggested its the seal around the boot lid arms where it meets the body work. I've seen various suggestions at where to seal but recommendations on the best type of sealant? cheers