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  1. Does anyone use a Speed Camera Detector in their Ford? Can you suggest some reliable speed camera detectors here in the UK which you know are good and have worked for you? Thanks in advance for any helpful well meaning answers.
  2. I am looking for a reliable speed camera detector and my budget is up to £200.00 Do you use a speed camera detector and can you recommend a reliable make and model to meet my above budget? Thanks in advance for any helpful and well meaning replies.
  3. Before I start playing around with the settings in my car (2014 Fiesta) can you provide me with each of the steps to play music from a :- 1/ USB stick. 2/ Bluetooth device ie mobile phone. Thank you in advance.
  4. I have only owned my car since December '18. Does anyone know for certain what type of imobiliser system I will need to enter within my car insurance renewal for my Ford Fiesta Titanium (Manual) 2014 plate. I am being asked whether it is a "Factory Fitted Thatcham Approved Alarm"? Thank you in advance.
  5. I took my car into a local petrol station and cleaned it using a lance type washer. The car wash included car wax of some kind which has smeared the windscreen and left wax deposits the size and shape of snowflakes (only description I can think of right now) in some places on the body work. What are the best products available to remove the car wax from the following and to generally clean the car:- The windscreen The bodywork I don't want to strip the car completely of wax just remove the stuborn marks from the bodywork and windscreen. Also do you have any o
  6. When I purchased my 2014 Ford Fiesta on 6th December '18 from a Ford main dealer I asked for the code to the cars radio/audio. The salesman informed me that my car does not come with a code because he said that Ford do not provide codes for the radio / audio anymore (I am not sure if he was referring to Ford cars generally or just to the Fiestas). I am not sure if the salesman is correct or not. Should I have been provided with an audio code for my 2014 plate Ford Fiesta? Thanks in advance for any helpful straight forward answers.
  7. Hi Pragmatix, thanks for your response. Yes I had the engine running. I will try again when there is another frost as maybe there is something I am not used to or I just need to be more patient. If I notice next time the windscreen is not clearing of frost then I will book it in with the dealer for them to investigate further. Thanks everyone for your response and helpful advice/comments.
  8. Thank you all for your response. Please disregard the first picture that I attached within my post because I took it from the internet. I have attached another photo taken from inside my car of the heater controls. There has only been one heavy frost on the car windscreen so far and perhaps I just need to test out the windscreen defrost again another time to see what happens.
  9. There was a heavy frost on the windscreen of my car when i went out to it one morning last week. I have only owned my Fiesta for about two weeks (it's a used car bought from a Ford dealership) and I am not familiar with the front windscreen defrost set up/controls. I pressed the defrost at the base of the windscreen button and left it for about five minutes but couldn't see the filaments in the front windscreen heating up and clearing the frost. I also pressed the max defrost button and left this running for approx five minutes but yet again I couldn't see the ice on the windscr
  10. Hi Lebadoo. I appreciate your helpful response - Thanks.
  11. Hi I am new to this site and I am not sure if I have posted my questions in the correct area of the site. I purchased a used Ford Fiesta Titanium EcoBoost last week and have noticed that the boot light does not come on. Is there a switch or something I have overlooked? Also does the auto start stop work straight away when stopping at traffic lights and in heavy traffic or does it just work in certain conditions? I must admit I have been driving the car since last week with the auto start stop turned off (which I personally prefer) but enabled it this evening to test it and the engine
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