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  1. Hi MattB95, thank you for your reply. Have you got images of the pipe you replaced please
  2. Hi I have noticed a loss in power when driving my car. First it started off only when accelerating hard or up hill. Then its gradually got worse to the point now it does this when setting off. It definitely sounds like a miss fire. Been to ford for a full service, had new coil packs fitted and checked a few sensors. I’ve had no fault codes, no engine lights and no smoke. Map sensor was covered in oil and there was oil in the intake pipe just before the turbo. Anyone got any advice or anything that may help please.
  3. See I wanted to just buy the studs as I have already bought some spacers now
  4. Hi, I have a 2013 MK7.5 Fiesta Zetec S, I am wanting to fit some wheel spacers but noticed that the nuts aren't grabbing right. A garage has advised i get some longer wheels studs for this to work better can anyone recommend anywhere or a set that would work ?
  5. I have a 2013 zetec s fiesta and just wondered if it’s possible to get dab radio in my car! Can anyone help?
  6. If there is not wiring there what’s the best way to get the heated seats to work
  7. Hi I have a 2013 Fiesta Zetec S and I have been thinking about buying ST Heated seats for it. Just wondered if anyone know how to tell if the wiring for the heated seats will be there
  8. I was driving in second gear when all of a sudden my car started to stall on me. No matter how much I accelerated the car carried on trying to stall. Eventually the car cut out and would not start again. Currently my car is giving off a pending error code saying ‘fuel rail pressure sensor a Circuit range/performance. I have tried to delete the code and the car still won’t start. Today I went to ford, purchased a brand new pressure sensor, cleared the code and the car still won’t start. I checked the OBD reader and the error code is still there. Can someone please help
  9. Hi I have a 2013 Ford Fiesta zetec s and it has been specked with cruise control I wondered if I bought this steering wheel what else would I need to do to get cruise control working in my car
  10. Hi I have a audio converter and would like to wire it into my standard stereo so I can the plug my speaker wires into it and take it to my subwoofer. I just wondered if someone could help me with it as non of the wires are the same colours
  11. Hi this is my first post. I have a standard radio in my fiesta and would like to wire a sub to it. When i took the stereo out i had a set of wires in my hand with no labels i just wondered if someone could help me please