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  1. I am the happy owner of a new Puma, upgrading from a 2018 Fiesta. There are a couple of things that appear to be missing though, and I was wondering if this the same for everyone? Firstly, the climate control panel no longer shows the current temperature (like it did in my old car), it is simply has a knob for adjusting the temperature. When I've gone back to the Ford website to configure a Puma, the interior shows this to be the case now. Does this just apply to just the latest Pumas, are there some models where the panel is different? Secondly, is there no way to show the 'Dis
  2. I'm aware of the file size being smaller than normal, and I've always suspected that the files may be corrupt. I have pointed this out to them on numerous occasions. However, they have been that way for months now, and do not seem to want to do anything about it. I'm more interested in updating the SYNC 3 software, than updating the maps. But their update webpage won't let me update the software until I've confirmed the latest map updates, which don't work. The dealership has been useless when trying to help, and even with Ford's own Customer Relationship Centre being on to them, the
  3. I should have asked this long ago, but I can be a little too stubborn for my own good sometimes. For months now, I've been trying to update SYNC on my car. Unfortunately, the map updates I can download from their update page (~8.7GB in size) always result in an installation error (see uploaded image), no matter what I try... All my previous map updates have gone without a hitch. I've been back and forth with Ford, but have been getting nowhere, and my local dealership has been useless when trying to help. Has anyone got a recent update, which is known to work? I would be happy t
  4. I ended up emailing the FordPass support, who just gave me a response detailing how to update the SYNC 3 software. They commented, that their records showed I still needed to update the SYNC 3 software. I did try to re-verify the log file I already had, only to find that the online update page now told me that my software was up to date, and could now download the latest maps. Which I then did... Somehow, the act of emailing their support, changed something. I have now been able to update my maps to version F7. I still have the downloaded file, for anyone else having trouble upd
  5. I have tried various times to verify my update (using the same log file), which it says I've successfully updated. But each time I then try to download the updated maps, I am just given the option to down the Sync 3 software again, the same update I have just verified. It's as though my update was never verified. The Sync 3 download file is around 2.6GB in size. Do you still have a copy of the downloaded maps?
  6. Hi, has anyone managed to update their Sync 3 maps? Mine have been stuck on version F6.1, ever since I got the car. When I go to the Ford website, all it will give me is the Sync 3 system software update. It always gives me the same download, despite me having verified I've already updated to the latest version. As for the maps update, all it ever says is that I need to update to the latest version of Sync first.
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