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  1. New Toy For Myself :)

    When you off to Dublin? I'm doing Holyhead to Dublin tomorrow night/Saturday morning myself :)
  2. 54Plate 2.0Tdci 130 Ghia X Estate

    You're looking for the Denso DVD disc. It can be found very easily, but downloading it is illegal. If you manage to find your own disc and make a backup, it will need to be to a DL-DVD and burned in a very specific manner for the in-car DVD unit to read it properly. How exactly do people lose the DVDs anyway? Mine never leaves the unit ...
  3. New Fezzy St

    Did they do the usual 5-stud wheels school-boy error? Oh look - they did
  4. Because not all models had an aux socket in the glove box. That stereo in particular, I believe was before when the aux sockets were included.
  5. First Service

    On the motorway, keeping distance helps for stone chips, but you are at the mercy of other drivers. No matter how far behind you are, if stones are flicked up high (and they often are), what can you do? Let alone the stones and debris from the opposite carriageway and other cars changing lane in front of you. Other stone chipping is an issue around front and rear wheel arches on recent Fords.
  6. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    2. What were you wearing? I'm not a perv (ha!), but certain clothing will make it an issue if you are not grounding yourself. What container was the FK1000P in? I wouldn't worry too much.
  7. Oh Emm Geee

    The perils of using thinner and eco-friendly paints - it's plain crap. It also create luminosity issues when comparing the bumper to metal-work in some shades - classic example on the green Focus RS ... body and bumpers were almost different shades. Take it back to Ford.
  8. Most likely using an adapter that plugs into the CD changer plug on the back of the headunit if I am not mistaken.
  9. Yes, because any of my friends will know that if you break it, you pay for it ... My father is more of a "mad mate" than any of my regular mates. In the ST170, he turned into what I describe as "Chav Dad". Pretty sure he took a decent amount of tread off those tyres on that day ... and less than 19mpg from the fuel meant he raped my wallet too!
  10. Sat Nav

    2010 maps are not usually available until the back end of the year, so if you are using 2009 maps at present, there's nothing to upgrade to yet (most likely). Otherwise, you pay through the nose to Ford .. my satnav uses a DVD reader and Ford wanted £240 for an update from 2007 to 2009. Suffice to say, I didn't pay anywhere near that much.
  11. Running In New Fiesta

    Aww, was going to say the same thing as well! Brakes and tyres are more of a concern for me - don't want to warp/cook discs too soon and same with tyres - constantly keep an eye on tread wear etc.
  12. Crack In The Windscreen

    Did you check your heater elements before the repair?
  13. Turbo Banjo Bolt

    Is it definitely M8 and not a crazy UNF fitting? And were you able to check the thread pitch? If you know these, a stainless replacement should be pretty cheap.
  14. Differences

    Check with Ford. The Aux retro-fit should be a simple one if I recall correctly and Ford will be able to order the parts.
  15. Differences

    Which stereo are you after? Ford or other? Either is easy but after Market would require a blanking plate unless it's a double DIN.
  16. Differences

    Yep, that's a pre-facelift MKII, same as mine. The front end is totally different to the facelift, but the interiors are largely identical (asides from the stero as mentioned). The pre-facelift MKII had a number of stereo units. The base was the 6000CD, then the Sony (MP3 or 6CD) and then the 7" touch-screen Denso unit with satnav and MP3 etc. I have the Denso unit :) 'tis lovely.
  17. Thinking About Buying A St170 Conversion

    If the above comments still don't put you off, I'd advise looking extensively at the paperwork. I know two guys who've completed/are completing 170 conversions (one in progress includes a power works supercharger kit). Not everyone is ragging them though, and you'll be able to tell instantly what the conversion was made for. The guy who's done the conversion, uses his for track days and the like. Never uses as a daily driver. The guy with the supercharger kit going on, is completing the work himself over a long period of time as a weekend car. Neither are intending to rag. The 170 engine is very strong, and the gearbox is one of the best Ford have ever used (it's a 6 speed Getrag - even the ST/RS don't have this box). However, I'd still be tempted to get a proper 170 in your position. I had one, and it was good fun. Not the quickest to 60mph from standing, but from 40 upwards in-gear, it's a lot quicker than it gets credit for. It can hit 72 mph in second gear and revs to 7250rpm :)
  18. Differences

    Okay so the faclift 2.5 is quite different. Different front bumper, door rub strip gone, bigger mirrors, different front grille, cour coded rear spoiler, newer radio silver not grey, new headlights, rear spoiler is slightly wider ... If your bodies are the same as each others you both have pre facelift. His 1.6 may be the Ti-VCT which is 115bhp else 96bhp. Easier to tell from a photo. Got one?
  19. Bhp

    The 1.6 MKII came in two variants. The 96bhp and the 115bhp (115ps). The latter is the Ti-VCT engine, the former the regular Zetec/Duratec (whatever they decided it is).
  20. New Fiesta Clone/rival Launched

    Yeah, I refer to "parted company" in that Ford are no longer the parent and Mazda simply becomes an investment. Ford have had their fingers in the Mazda pie for ages!
  21. Next Forum Meet - 3/5/2010

    All I've taken in from the last couple of posts is "Avatar" and "12 feet tall" ... are you guys watching the Avatar Blu Ray?
  22. New Fiesta Clone/rival Launched

    Correct. Ford incresed their share in Mazda a while back, revamped them and then parted company - you can bet with some pretty hefty covenants regarding platform use too :) Mazdas are decent, if a little bland on the inside.
  23. Picturesque Coastal Meet?

    Wanna hold hands too?
  24. Problem Fitting Genuine Ford Front Mudflaps

    What tape would be best? I'd imagine the double-sided tape used for wooden flooring would be good, as it is foamy and a few mm thick. Just be weary as to how long it will stick for and if it will take paint off.
  25. Passed My Driving Test

    Wa-hey! 3 minors is great - I passed second time ... with 15 minors! He he.