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  1. Ford 1.8 TDCi | Lower Wet Belt to Chain kit this was advertised on E bay sent a message to them saying will this have all the components necessary to convert to the chain replied we have sold these but dont know if they will fit to replace the wet belt. price was 94.99 sold by midlandscomponents Walsall.It sounds a bit risky unless anyone knows any different.
  2. Yes its a 2008 registered 21/10/2008 i will have to contact a dealer to find out if possible sorry for the delay in replying ive had the .......flu
  3. Martin53

    Cam belt confusion

    My Mondeo has two cam belts its the DURATORQ 1.8 Lynx diesel engine registered 21/10/2008 at what interval should these be changed.I am told the lower one could possibly be a chain how much work would it take for a mechanic to find out,also if it is a chain i wouldnt think it should need replacing and i have noticed when its been a belt they have replaced it with a chain.
  4. I have been quoted £180 for fitting a cambelt and water pump parts supplied by me is this a reasonable quote.
  5. Martin53

    Unknown item

    Shouldnt it be installed in the boot as this one is on the floor back passenger door. I stand corrected its not a sensor but a speaker connected to the sensors.
  6. Martin53

    Unknown item

  7. Martin53

    Cam belt or chain

    I have a Ford Mondeo 1.8 Diesel 2008 BA7 any idea if this is a cam belt or chain driven.Also what does the BA7 mean.
  8. Martin53

    Unknown item

    I was vaccuming the back floor for dog hairs when i noticed a wire coming from the back door sill where the carpet meets it on the end was a plastic circular item with a hole in the top it looked as though it should be stuck on somewhere as it has a sticky back could it be a sensor for something my ford is a 2008 1.8 titanium.
  9. Martin53

    Cam belt

    When changing the cambelt is it necessary to change the water pump as well.
  10. Martin53

    New member

    Hi I drive a Ford Mondeo 1.8 Diesel 2008 had it for four days now its done 100,000 miles taking a chance with the mileage but looking on the internet seems there alot higher mileage mondeos out there. Early days yet see how it goes.regards Martin
  11. Martin53

    Engine oil

    Hi I have a Ford Mondeo 1.8 diesel 2008 would it be alright to top up with Fully synthetic 5/40 WSS-M2C917-A and ACEA C3 i have a litre of this i used on my previous vehicle.