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  1. Replaced one injector engine running smoothly no engine malfunction coming on.😅
  2. I have found some injectors for my car they quote no coding needed am i correct this means no computer needed to code them in when installed.Also if i am installing only one would the same apply.
  3. On a Mondeo 1.8 diesel Lynx engine 2008 what is the cylinder order is it left to right 1234 looking at the car from the front or the opposite way round, i am thinking of having a go to replace cylinder 4 injector the code was P1204 cylinder 4 injector circuit.
  4. Well all was well guess what the engine malfunction came on again this time it threw up code P1204-00 and P0691-00 got a horrible feeling it needs an injector replacing.I asked him could this be because of them fitting the two timing belts he says not any opinion welcome.😕
  5. It was my fault i thought all was needed for the wet belt was http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113217455084 they had to order all the other parts because i didnt supply them also the cost was more, that £71.99 i should have included in the cost.They have done quite a few ford Transit vans with this wet belt if you google Corbridge road garage Consett it tells alot about them.
  6. Had both Timing belts replaced upper and lower wet belt i supplied the belts plus tensioner and water pump, they found it needed a new crankshaft pulley, wet belt gasket, crankshaft oil seal and crank bolt also a wet belt tensioner antifreeze total with parts and labour +vat 559.25 and added to that my parts bought £47.Did have one problem engine management light came on when driving home took it back split vacuum pipe the pipe was replaced no charge.Hope this was all worth it bought the car £2400 suppose you could say it was now £3000🙄
  7. Took it in, it was a split vacuum pipe whatever that is anyway management light not on now. Just hope it stays that way.
  8. I have just had my Ford Mondeo 1.8 Lynx engine fitted with new timing belts the top one and the lower wet belt plus new pulleys and tensioners fetched it yesterday problem is the engine management light has come on any ideas why,will be taking it back to the garage on Monday.Forgot to say New water pump as well.
  9. Ford 1.8 TDCi | Lower Wet Belt to Chain kit this was advertised on E bay sent a message to them saying will this have all the components necessary to convert to the chain replied we have sold these but dont know if they will fit to replace the wet belt. price was 94.99 sold by midlandscomponents Walsall.It sounds a bit risky unless anyone knows any different.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142415863772?ul_noapp=true
  10. Yes its a 2008 registered 21/10/2008 i will have to contact a dealer to find out if possible sorry for the delay in replying ive had the .......flu
  11. My Mondeo has two cam belts its the DURATORQ 1.8 Lynx diesel engine registered 21/10/2008 at what interval should these be changed.I am told the lower one could possibly be a chain how much work would it take for a mechanic to find out,also if it is a chain i wouldnt think it should need replacing and i have noticed when its been a belt they have replaced it with a chain.
  12. I have been quoted £180 for fitting a cambelt and water pump parts supplied by me is this a reasonable quote.
  13. Shouldnt it be installed in the boot as this one is on the floor back passenger door. I stand corrected its not a sensor but a speaker connected to the sensors.
  14. I have a Ford Mondeo 1.8 Diesel 2008 BA7 any idea if this is a cam belt or chain driven.Also what does the BA7 mean.
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