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  1. Just an update for anyone wanting to do this, i used an led light set and loom from a titanium, it even came with the light up sunvisors and the sunglasses overhead console however i didnt want the overhead console so i used the new loom and pluged in my old alarm sensors on my existing overhead unit, i left the extra plugs attached to the titanium switches that usually reside in the overhead console but as i wasnt going to use the new console ive just left them tucked in behind the headlining. so all in all you can put the led overhead courtesy lights that have both front and rear map reading lights and light up sunvisors into a 2012 zetec s with no cutting or need to change software, just plug and play. wayne
  2. Andy im so sorry for late reply, as im the other side of 40 ive not worked out how to get this thing to tell me when there is a reply. i downloaded the pdf, it will come in very handy thanks wayne
  3. Ive searched all over and can find pdf 2.0 petrol and diesel manuals for sale but cant find any that cover the 1.6 diesel. Is it possible to get a ford official download if I pay for it? I don't mind subscribing to an official site if its available. surely garages must have access to the info? thanks wayne.
  4. bit of everything engine and body but the news on the fiesta is handy thanks, I sometimes see folks put up official ford manual pics/info how can I get a copy of the official manual from ford.....Im prepared to pay for it thanks wayne
  5. Hi guys the wife has got a transit courier van 2014 1.6tdci and im desperate to get hold of a workshop repair manual. any ideas? thanks wayne
  6. its shod with new continental 235 35 19 hope they help wayne
  7. and some under front arch....eg no scrubbing without rack stops
  8. ill get it washed and the pics done over the next few days and post them. tar wayne
  9. As per the title. ive searched through loads of content and seem to understand they are different from the standard dome lights but can they be easily fitted? Many thanks Wayne
  10. If its any help ive just fitted brand new Mk3 Rs wheels on my Mk3 Zetec S they are 19x8 with an offset of 50mm and they sit just inside the arch with tons of clearance on the inner arches and no rack stops (I was advised by ford to fit rack stops but they are miles away even on full lock)
  11. Hi guys thanks, ive just realised there is a section to say hi so im sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. thanks again wayne
  12. Just wanted to say hi, I have had loads of fords over the years and just got a 2012 Focus Zetec S, it looks mint goes well handles mint and id say its as much fun as my mk1 Mondeo v6 was. im also a big land rover fan and have several defenders and a member of the lr4x4 forum. all in all just thought id introduce myself before nailing loads of questions up. thanks wayne.
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