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  1. I've a Focus St Line X and I can't say the road noise is any loader than any other car I've driven. If anything I believe it's quitter. Always difficult when reading comments on Facebook, for example, as people only seem to, generally, post when they've a problem with the car. I certainly got concern about the amount of negative comments when first bought mine but 10 months later I've not had a single issue...
  2. Hello, Does anyone own a Mk4 Focus higher spec that has led rear lights but standard headlights and uses FORscan ? If so, could you photograph your memory settings from your body control module as I'm hoping to find the code/memory config for the LED rear lights... Cheers
  3. Had a look at that. I'm trying to program my BCM for LED rear lights and thought the F150 spreadsheet had the answer. But, the F150 has a lot more memory blocks than my Focus so an answers there :-(
  4. So, I know you can change the splash screen to show ST, RS etc... and I've seen the climate control added to the screen. Does anyone have a list of the changes needed to do these ? Or add just the ones you know maybe... ?
  5. I don't suppose you know which value I need to change to do this by change ?
  6. Has anyone tried using this on the Mk4 Focus, anyone managed to make any changes ? Just bought an adaptor so hope to have a play with it next weekend
  7. Gracias Christian, ¬Ņconseguiste encontrar un c√≥digo para cambiar las luces traseras est√°ndar a LED en el BCM? ¬ŅSabes qu√© c√≥digo es. Espero que esto transate bien, usando algo en Internet
  8. Hi, I've a new shape 2018 focus St line x. This car comes with standard bulb type rear lights, unlike the titanium x that has led rear lights as standard. I've just bought a full set of the led type from a titanium x but have a problem with the outer pair. The inner pair in the tailgate work fine with the led side light working. But, the outer pair, the led strip isn't coming on and it's using a bulb.side light instead. The led brake light seems to work but is also coming on as a side light. Indicator works fine but that is a bulb anyway so the same. Has anyone done this conversion and does it need a wiring mod or a body control module reconfiguring
  9. I've owned a Hyundai i30 a while ago. Bought it for my wife instead of a Fiesta. Was cheaper, bigger engine, better equipped and a 5 year warranty. Owned it for 6 years without any major problems. however, the fiesta definitely drove better and had a better quality interior etc.. She now drives a 2018 Fiesta and also had a 2016 Fiesta. The ST Line X does drive very nicely, even pulls very well with the 1.0 lt turbo. It does come fairly decent spec with electric windows all round, electric driver seat, fold in door mirrors with puddle lights, parking sensors front and rear, privacy glass, LED front fog lights, auto wipers and lights (although not main beam) sat nav etc.. but, I think, the Titanium (which I thought this would be the same as) also has ambient lighting, LED rear lights etc. I'd also thought it should have ad a reverse camera as standard too
  10. There are quiet a few differences between the Titanium and the St Line, different seats, bumpers, wheels and the suspension is a lot stiffer in the ST for instance.
  11. Yep, that's what I thought. The centre console all lights up but no footwell, door pocket or interior handle lights. Came from a 2016 Mondeo titanium x which everything lit up so was disappointed at this. Thought it would also have LED back lights but it didn't, think the titanium has all these but not the ST Line or St Line X
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site although have been on other site as I own 4 ford's, a 1971 Mk3 Cortina GT, a 1986 Capri 2.0 Laser, a 2018 Fiesta (well wife drives that one) and I've just bought a new shape Focus ST line X
  13. Hi, I've just picked up a Focus ST line X new shape and wondered if any one has tried to fit the front foot well lights. I can see where they go but can't find the wiring for the... I know some of the current shape Fiesta members have done this "upgrade" and have found the wire next to the hole for the lamps but I can't find them on the focus ?