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  1. I had the 18s07 clutch recall in February 2019 - I posted my views after this time. I now estimate the drop in power to be about 20-25 bhp after this software change. I know it to be that much because I was running (and still am) Bluefin & K&N 57S-4000 Airbox which was giving me an extra 20-25bhp. The power now is the same as when I bought the car new and before the Bluefin/K&N mods - that is 182bhp. I believe that your car has suffered due to Ford's 18s07 software change. I don't have a fuel smell so as you say , this could be another problem.
  2. Having driven many more miles since my last post on 5th March, perhaps I was fooling myself that traction control off was the reason for the drop in performance. I was searching for a reason. My car still doesn't have the power it previously had in my range of performance driving which is from about 1800rpm to 3500rpm - so nowhere near 6000rpm max. I do believe Superchips telling me that the area that they reprogram hasn't changed - I thought of drivetrain. So if it isn't traction control what have Ford done to reduce performance to protect the clutch/drivetrain?
  3. I've been in contact with Superchips today and they said that they haven't seen change (before & after 18S07) in the areas that they read & reprogram. But if there is a power loss it might be outside the ECU area that they read. I thought of the drivetrain, so I disabled the traction control and it's now the same as before. I'm happy!
  4. Not exactly. By using familiar timed straight runs, I know I've lost between 5-10% power. Superchips can only put their % on top of what you send them. As I said before, after the 17S09 Coolant recall there was no drop in power, this time there was. Do you have a 182PS engine? Do you have any experience in using Superchips?
  5. I haven't done anything wrong. My 182ps Focus needed a previous 17S09 Coolant update. Superchips told me at that time to take the ECU back to original before the update. When you get the car back, you plug in Bluefin and it re-reads the ECU. The Bluefin device then gives a message 'Connect to PC' and you then send the new Ford file to Superchips - who then just alters the performance part of the ECU. When I had the 17S09 Coolant update there wasn't any change in performance. This time there was. I took the ECU back to original for 18s07 Clutch update and after the Bluefin update I still think I've lost at least 5% power.
  6. Had my 18S07 recall done at end of January 2019. There's no difference to the bite point of the clutch and the pedal pressure felt exactly the same as before. I reinstalled Bluefin and I believe that I've lost 5% in power, which in my case is 10bhp. I have Bluefin fitted + K&N airbox. So I've gone from 205bhp to 195bhp. On the positive side, it's still better than my original 182bhp and I'm now still covered by my insurance company in case of any damage/fire if the clutch explodes (because if I ignored the 18s07 recall, I would be negligent and they wouldn't pay out.)
  7. Hi Thomson, We have the same engine and mine is booked for 18S07 at the end of January 2019. Have you noticed any drop in performance since your update in October 2018?
  8. Hi Wes180, We've shared posts before about this recall. I have a countryside stretch of road which I often use. It's maximum speed limit, straight and slightly uphill with no traffic. A great testing ground! You now tell me that you might skip the update - I thought you would be my allie in this! Mines booked in at the end of January, I'll let you know how it performs after this.
  9. I feel my car has slightly more power on very cold days, which I put down to cold air being denser than warm. It's the same principle why intercoolers are fitted to performance cars. I'm not sure if this is the effect you have or if its totally due to 18S07 - which I haven't had done yet.
  10. To my mind, the flywheel can only be damaged by wear or failure of the friction plate or pressure plate . Ford may be saying it's the flywheel to deflect attention away from the pressure plate which may be substandard. I would be extremely surprised if Ford didn't replace the clutch parts after taking it all apart (I would insist). Either way, this needs to be investigated asap, because as explained in the recall letter, failure of the pressure plate could also damage the transmission housing and more. Good luck with your claim for compensation (don't accept verbal replies get it all in writing).
  11. Sorry to hear this, I have a low mileage 1.6T and awaiting the18S07 recall. There's some speculation about whether these failures are due to the pressure plate or the friction disc (the friction disc is often known as the clutch plate because it goes between the heavy engine flywheel and lighter pressure plate on the other side which is operated by the clutch pedal). It seems that either your pressure plate or friction disc has failed which has then damaged your flywheel. Ford will have to replace your flywheel, friction disc and pressure plate. Mine hasn't failed yet, but as this is gaining a number of disgruntled owners, I think you should try to take this up with Ford as it has failed after the 18S07 recall. I will if and when it happens to me.
  12. Agreed, but the extra 1 second pins her more in the seat and she seems to enjoy it! Yes I have K&N fitted. It apparently adds about 5bhp. I put this on before Bluefin and felt that 5bhp weight balanced out having a light to medium partner as a passenger. I always have the side bung removed - only put it in for MOT tests. After the K&N I installed Bluefin, this made it an very enjoyable car to drive. Bluefin claim that it can make cars more economical. My fuel consumption is about the same but considering I am enjoying the increased acceleration, I consider this worthwhile.
  13. Bluefin will take 1 second of your 0-60 time and will really put a smile on your face! It's worth it.
  14. I phoned my dealer before Xmas to book mine in, they said they will contact me. Haven't heard since! Perhaps your dealer & mine can't be bothered to do it ! We have the same engine, are you using Superchips Bluefin?