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  1. What built in Sat nav can I fit to my MK2? Don't want to spend too much!
  2. I believe my fingernail does get caught in it, it's quite deep. I was thinking of taping up the area around it, even using newspaper to cover the area around the scratch then attempt the painting. I will use a small brush then or a toothpick and build up the paint as you mentioned! If I screw it up can I fix it?
  3. I've been meaning to fix this scratch, what is the best way? I've purchased a ford touch up kit from eBay but not sure how to use it!
  4. addiosamigo


    When you go into the Bluetooth settings, of the DAB by clicking on the i there should be an option media audio, make sure that Is set to on.
  5. Ok after fiddling for a bit, there's a part that detaches from the side of the door, you need to be careful as you can break the clips that hold it in. It also 'hugs' the door inside It's held to the door with I think some silicone. I have attached a picture if anyone else needs to replace them. Now you may just be able to slide the weatherstrip into place without removing the mirror, if there isn't any bolts, but I will report back when I have completed the job.
  6. Do I have to remove the door card then to remove the weather strip?
  7. It looks a lot different on a MK2! Theres a plastic bit on the door in the inside, no bolts. And on the pillar of the door is a tweeter speaker. Anyone have any idea how I can tackle this?
  8. I thought that, but after watching a video for a 2008 Focus it doesn't look like that's the case!
  9. My ones are old now, and I'd like to change them. I've seen a pair on eBay for 20 odd quid. Now what I would like to know is how easy is it to change them? Is the weatherstrip the bit that gets rid of rain when you wind the window down? I see mine has a little bit of what looks like felt on the inside, will the new ones have that? Can I fix my old ones? Thanks
  10. @Jonro2009 how do I know which is the right way to plug in? If you are facing the fusebox, I have the wire end pointing towards the center console of the car. I didn't know there was a right way!
  11. I've replaced my struts but it still feels slow when opening, needs a little nudge to get it to open fully. Is this normal? It is 14 years old but I thought with replacement struts it would fix it, it made it a little better though. Is there anything else that could be done? Cheers
  12. I can't really afford new wheels at the moment! Yeah they are ***** expensive! I brought these to see if they would work Hopefully they fit the middle bit and I'll stay with that!