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  1. amarokuk

    Cruise Control On 1.4 Titanium Automatic

    Now that's one I had not thought of I wonder how that works if indeed it does. If you do try that let us know what happens. If it does work it should solve the problem and fast roads at least.
  2. amarokuk

    Cruise Control On 1.4 Titanium Automatic

    I think you have answered this yourself. The cruise control is set Up to get you back to the set speed as quickly as possible and In an auto that's using the gearbox to best effect. In the manual car the gear changes cancel the CC so you get to the gear first to pick the speed range. As for the changing down a lot when encountering hills etc, I was warned about this when I Looked at a Focus auto with CC basically the CC is not much use with an auto on any road that isn't very flat and free of traffic so probably that's Lincolnshire and parts of Norfolk in the uk only. I went For a manual fiesta titanium in the end.
  3. amarokuk

    Fuel Ecconomy

    Had to double take this. Area you saying 6.1mph? If so 37.8mpg really isn't at all bad and I wouldn't change too much what you have been doing.
  4. amarokuk

    Pipercross Or J1 Induction Kit

    I added a piper cross to my 1.4 titanium and there is a very subtle difference most noticeable above 50mph just seems more relaxed when accelerating. I also get a very consistent 2-3mpgwhich is not to be sniffed at.
  5. amarokuk

    Hids On Mk7

    Just to put a little perspective on this. one of my neighbours is about to lose his house probably at the end of this month after a year of court cases and trying to broker a deal. his teenage son was driving the family Ford focus fitted by him with HID lighting. The boy was involved in an accident with an other driver claiming being blinded by the lights. Both drivers were injured the other driver losing part of his leg. The insurance assessor confirmed the lights on the focus had been illegally modified and the insurance company voided the insurance. so now the family are still paying a loan on a car that is written off and they face paying 10s of thousands of pounds to the injured driver who hasn't been able to work since.
  6. amarokuk

    Fiesta Automatic

    I had an auto MK7 as a hire car for 3 days and hated every minute. the slightest hill on the motorway seemed to (M62 in particular on the big hills) have it totally giving up whilst revving like a lunatic. The kick down was useless as the car changed back up after less than 5 seconds overtaking was not an option. I became convinced that the highest gear setting was in fact reverse as it always felt like it was going backwards. When I had a focus auto much better and it had some sort of pseudo manual set up.
  7. amarokuk

    Alloy Spacers

    It is possible to do what you want (i know it's been done on other cars well corsas at least) however not recommended unless you also fit extra long threaded studs to the wheel to allow the wheel nuts to get enough grip get it wrong and a wheel or 2 falls off not good. Also be aware that spacers is a term used to describe inserts into the alloy wheel hub to make after market alloys fit a number of models. you will need to find a way to extend the hub out past the spacer as well.
  8. amarokuk

    Fiesta Mk7 Zs Problem

    If you still have the original spark plugs fitted change them they will be cheap and nasty and you wont find 2 with the same sparking gap. get a good quality set from bosch supper pluses or champion which are pre gapped and will stay correct for thousands of miles. also worth checking if the air filter has ever been changed or the fuel filter as these often get overlooked.
  9. amarokuk

    Aux Button Does Not Work On Zetec S 60 Plate

    I have to say this sounds a bit dodgy. I take it you bought the car second hand? The car clearly had the bluetooth and VC with USB fitted from new so is your dealer trying to get a bit more cash out of you by disabling the Bluetooth module and then charging you to reconnect it? Nice scam I must say if true! Take your car to another Ford dealer and report it as a fault and see what they say.
  10. amarokuk

    Little I Symbol

    The little i stands for information and it means the car has a message stored for you to read. things like "door open" or on my car with keyless power "press clutch to start". the messages are displayed for a few seconds and then time out but if the problem still exists the i illuminates so that you can go into the menu and choose messages to view. there are quite few messages but the only ones I have seen are the 2 above and "key fob battery low" not the exact wording but you get the idea. The common one that I got in the early days was "door open" as I never seemed to shut the tailgate properly.
  11. amarokuk

    Can We Buy Your Car Back?

    Isn't this just a sign of the times. I live near a number of main dealers so you always see a lot of new reg cars floating about. But not last year 10 plates are very rare and 60s I cannot remembr the last one i saw of any make. I suspect since the end of the scrappage scheme those looking to change older cars are back to the nearly new market at dealers and the auctions buit so many new cars where bought through the scrappage scheme good 2 to 3 year old cars have become rarer than flying pink elephants.
  12. amarokuk

    Odb2 Code Reader

    I think all petrol engined cars had to be compatable from around March 2001 with diesel engined cars from January 2004 If i remember correctly. Some diesel engined cars where compatably eartlier through 2003 but depends on the make and model. If you have the car serviced regularly and use an undependant garage then they will have a tester and i am sure they will confirm it for you if you ask. Ford garages however may charge knowing what they are like.
  13. amarokuk

    I Washed My Car Key Fob!

    You should have got 2 key fobs as already mentioned above. However if you only have one sounds like it is well goosed. But as you have nothing to loose at this point (other than an expensive getting a new key programmed option) you should try the following. 1. get a spare CR 2032 battery for the fob. 2. dismantel the key fob and remove the battery inside. 3. Leave the parts of the device for at least 24 hours or longer if you can at room temperature to dry out fully (you can use a hairdrier to speed things up but dont hold it too close to the device just let the airflow blow out soem of the moisture at a reasonable distamce). 4. After drying use a cotton bud or carefully a peice of cloth or tissue and gently clean all the battery contacts and connections between the 2 halves of the fob. (be gentle you don't want to damage/bend the terminals. 5. Insert the new battery and reassemble the key fob. Bearing in mind what the key fob has been through it's a long shot but as i say above you have nothing to loose at this point.
  14. amarokuk

    Fiesta Locking System

    Yes the keyless locking drove me mad when for quite a few weeks I would walk off with the key fob and make the other half stay with the car and check all the doors were locked they always were. Wait till you get used to keyless though and then try driving a hire car which I do regular. I have been known to sit staring at the dash wondering where the hell the power button is for minutes at a time before then fumbling around for the key.
  15. amarokuk

    2012 Mot Changes

    The remapping thing is interesting. A few months or even a couple of years back I read a report about concerns raised in some of the euro zone countries about vehicle remapping to improve performance. One point was about emissions banding and how remapping could move a vehicle into a higher band which had implications for those countries that raise tax or penalties for higher emission vehicles. The article mostly focused on Diesel powered vehicles but hinted at the fact that petrol could be remapped as well. This to me sounds like the EU is trying a solution by making remapping illegal probably only if the remap affects the emissions banding rather than anything to do with power. My car is due to get MOTd end of Jan 2012 so looks like I could be one of the guinea pigs.