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  1. is your filler neck rusty? it could be depositing rust which is blocking the in tank fuel strainer? if you can't replace the filler pipe you have to periodically take the strainer out (if there is one) and clean it off and filter your fuel at the same time for bonus miles (syphon into a large plastic box, let it sit a few mins then don't tip it all back in, works well). that's sometimes the case on the mk1 anyway. if your filler pipe is plastic you can rule out the rust problem i expect. i had a seized pump on my petrol mk1 but it sat for 3 years first. and then i freed off the pump and it works fine still after 19 years. and if you've no access hole you've got to drop the tank or very carefully cut an access hole. i say carefully so you don't slice through the fuel pipes with an angle grinder like i nearly did. the hole is very handy though unless you have a proper ramp. even then it's useful however. it could be a faulty pump (i think some diesels have one in tank, some don't) but idk about mk2 diesels well enough to say and if the pump is now faulty it could have been caused by something else. either excess load caused by filter/strainer blockage either upstream or downstream or running with low fuel has caused it to run too hot for too long. and there's never an empty tank when it reads empty. it should go below the red line a bit though don't risk your life trying...
  2. your filler neck pipe is rotten? it's metal (steel - pretty dumb i know) all the way from behind the nozzle part down to the 2" rubber pipe that joins it to the tank. Mine leaks like a seive if i brim it and the rust accumulates inside the fuel pump and blocks the strainer every 1000 miles or so. I forgot about this
  3. how are things going? I have a misfire or two on my car with 160k. so far replaced the plugs, leads, coilpack, ISCV, MAF, fuel pump (a new bosch one), fuel filter, lambda sensor, compression check (all between 175-190psi). and still I have a misfire under heavy load/mashing my right-foot down. which is usually worse or much worse when my car is below half a tank. I have a bit of vacuum with my hand over the oil cap hole so i think PCV is okay and its so rusty i don't want to touch it for now. I snapped one of the screws holding the throttle body off when i tried to unsrew it lol. its made no difference though o nothing to worry about maybe. I've a few other electrical age related gremlins but nothing as far as I can tell in the engine management has come up for a long time on my forscan setup. I've reset the module since putting the new bits in and after a few days driving its back to what it was before. I trained in a ford garage when the focus was released but we didn't come across stuff like this as all we tended to do to them was 10k services and recalls then I left the garage in 02 and haven't really had anything to do with them until now. If it had failed mot this year it'd probably have gone already but it passed even with the misfire. So what's the score with you?