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  1. Thanks for all the replies. So today there has been no noise at all, even though car was iced over, roads icy. When it was squeeling yesterday it was raining and the roads were wet, I'm now wondering if it only happens when it's wet. Will have to keep you all updated. I'm in two minds whether to just upgrade the car or run it into the ground as I have spent quite a bit of money on parts the last few thousand miles. New radiator, clutch, water pump, timing kit, fan belt, tyres, wheel bearing etc.
  2. Would I be okay driving like this for a while or would you advise getting it looked at straight away? Not sure if it would be worth getting another car, save spending any more money on this as its a old car now.
  3. Hi, yes very loud squeal when I press the clutch to change gear, noise goes as soon as I take my foot off the clutch. After a couple of minutes driving it stops.
  4. Just to add, the noise stops after a couple of minutes driving.
  5. I'm not sure if it was changed, I just know it was a 3 piece clutch. Is the release bearing a easy job to get fixed? Cheap? Expensive? Does it need addressing immediately?
  6. #it was a brand new 3 piece luk or valeo clutch when i had it changed, cant remember which.
  7. Hello, I have a 2004 Fiesta, 100,000 on the clock but clutch changed within the last 8000 mile. About a month ago I started hearing a squeeling noise when I press the clutch, it only happens when the car is cold and once the car warms up it stops. I'm thinking it sounds like a loose belt? Timing kit and cam belt have been changed also within last 8000 mile. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I think my paint is tonic blue. I'm trying to order a new rear bumper but the supplier wants to know the paint code before they send the item out to ensure it's the correct shade. Is there nowhere on the car that would tell me the code?
  9. Hello, does anyone know where I can find the paint code on my car? I've looked at the sticker on the passenger door size but it doesn't say. Anywhere else I can look? thanks
  10. Thanks for reply. It is tonic blue but that link you have supplied is for the facelift model. Mine is kind of a 2 piece blue on top black plastic/grey at bottom.
  11. Hello, recently had someone smash into the rear of my car whilst it was parked up and drive off without leaving any details. I now need to replace the rear bumper. I'm trying to purchase a used bumper of the same colour to keep costs down as it's a old car and save me time having to do any painting. I've tried local breakers and online websites but so far unable to source the part needed. I thought I would ask on here if anyone knows where I can find a mk6 light blue rear bumper, car is 2004 model. Thanks