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  1. Yeah mine sound like that too like a wasp but only on rough roads hot new tarmac got nothing rough roads just the wasp/buzzing sound.
  2. This is the rubber I'm using but I need to cut it down to size.
  3. I think mine are AC pipes but near the clutch pedal not sure if there the say but tomorrow I will definitely try and get a picture. I haven't cable tied mine together yet just stuck the rubber there. I haven't done the two heater pipes in the engine yet like yours which I'm.gonna do hopefully soon as I'm getting that same buzzing sound.
  4. Is your car a right had drive or left ? Mine is a right hand drive so the two pipes are right near the clutch pedal is mine a Ford Fiesta ST 3 2018 I'll try and get a picture of mine for you guys hope this helps .
  5. My car is a right hand drive there's two pipes near the clutch pedal I'll try and get a picture tomorrow for you. So far the dashboard been quite and I can enjoy the drive again.
  6. IV sorted the dashboard noise out by parting a thick bit of rubber in between the two pipes . The buzzing sound.i haven't found gonna do the heater pipes in the engine bay soon But theres a noise near the sat nav too car isn't that old.
  7. My ford fiesta ST 3 is factory build only a couple of weeks old and my dashboard rattles and the buzzing sounds is from the passenger side I can't seem to see or feel anything losse in the engine bay or under the dashboard. Driving me nuts.
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