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  1. I haven't got a glue, but I hopeful that I will find an answer soon. I'm not enjoying driving whilst this is still happening so I need to get it sorted before I say flick-it and buy something else that will drive in a straight line lol.
  2. Did another test the other day. Drove along a straight bit of motorway and when safe I put the car into natural to see if it would still drift with power off. Result! it still drifted to the right even though there was no forward power. Blah! Will still check out your theory though … thanks again.
  3. How did you manage to have it turned off, was this something you did or a garage, is it an easy job? Also did you notice any difference is the PAS afterwards or is so slight it wasn't noticed? Cheers buddy!
  4. It still bugs me so I will continue to sort this out, JW1982 comments has given me hope that there is light perhaps in the tunnel, we will have to see. I would like to know also if the PDC can be reset by the owner or if its a specialist jobby. watch this space lol
  5. Thanks, I'm gunna take it back too said garage, and see what method they used, I had left the car there whilst the work was done so wasn't present at the time. I'm not sure which method they used or if they reset the Pull Drift Compensation feature so I will ask them about this and see if they can help. Comments appreciated! Thanks
  6. Hi JW1982, Thanks for the info, I have to be honest and say I didn't even know about the Pull Drift Compensation feature so I don't know if the garage actually reset this when doing the tracking. I will pop in and ask if this was done and if not is this something they can do. It may mean taking the car to another garage for a full and proper set-up as mentioned. You appear very knowledgeable so can I ask if the resetting is done manually underneath the car or by some sort of electronic OBD11 diagnostic reader that plugs in to the car? I'm going to do some research as I know very little about this and I am completely out of depth in this issue. I do really appreciate your comments as it has enlightened me and given me hope that the fault I have described can be fixed, and without getting too financially strained. Lots of Kudos to you buddy!
  7. Hi all, I have a nagging problem with the car drifting to one side (right) if you release your grip of the steering wheel. Historically I have changed the front wheels around to see if it drifts to the opposite side thinking it might be wheel related (tyre/balance/tread) but it still drifts to the right. I have also made sure the air pressure in the tyres are correct at all times by checking every couple of days and they have been good on every occasion (correct pressure/each the same). I have also had my tracking done thinking it might be the cause even though there was no visual evidence on the tyres such as wear on outer or inner sides. As you can guess it passed okay on this issue and the drifting is still occurring after having the tracking rechecked. All the checks I have done have been on level ground and mostly on motorways or dual carriageways where and when safe to do so. The car seems to brake okay in a straight line on 90+ % of the time with just a few occasions where it has exaggerated the drifting issue. I have also tried accelerating and deaccelerating at all different speeds to see if it shows up as perhaps as a power issue but again 90+ % of the time the car preforms in a normal direction. It appears to me that this might be a costly repair with trail and error methods of applications until a result is found which in fairness I cant really afford. I can afford a solution if there was a definitive yes it is that, but not knowing and to keep ploughing money into ideals well it could be, or it might be that is a non goer. Reading this you might remark well if its only a slight drift what's the big issue? The thing is its bugs me every time I drive and I am not enjoying the ride or the car. I hold the steering wheel very light when driving and mainly use my fingers just to keep in line or straight with a nudge here and there. I can feel the car drift and acknowledge that I'm having to correct its direction all the time and always from the right back to centre. Question: Is there any tests a garage can do to find this issue and then whereby I could confidently then have the work done to sort it out. I don't have a budget where I can leave the car at a Ford dealer and let them check everything unfortunately, although I respect they have dedicated equipment and diagnostic machines. The garage that done the tracking made no comment of any thing that would create this issue. They were confident it was the tracking at the time, but as I found out after paying out £40 it wasn't. Any suggestions, or past experience with this sort of problem would be truly appreciated. Cheers and thanks in advance. NB: I have an automatic gearbox if this helps in any problem solving?
  8. Thanks for the update bro, mine are not Nextbase but very good quality. I'm not installing them just for am insurance perk but just as a back-up in case of a event (know what I mean Harry). There are a lot of plonkers around today and less Police monitoring them (patrols). The Police rely on static cameras more these days for funding and prosecutions rather than catch-em in the act prevention'n'cure. I'm fitting both front'n'back cams, if I get a reduced ins prem having them installed brill, if not I'm ok with that as they will hopefully help if having to prove who was at wrong if ever needed. Thanks and cheers
  9. Thanks Guys, I thought as much, just needed to have it endorsed by others. I still have time to look around to find a good deal. Apart from standard kit the only other mod of sorts is a dash-cam lol. These can actually reduce your policy value a little so its not a bad thing to have one installed now-a-days. Cheers and thanks to all … Kudos 2 ya!
  10. Thanks Guys, I thought as much, just needed to have it endorsed by others. I still have time to look around to find a good deal. Apart from standard kit the only other mod of sorts is a dash-cam lol. These can actually reduce your policy value a little so its not a bad thing to have one installed now-a-days. Cheers and thanks to all … Kudos 2 ya!
  11. Hi Guys/Girls lol, Has anyone tried out the FOC advertised Adrian Flux motor insurance. Are they any cheaper or better than trolling the net, do they have better deals for Ford owners etc. If anyone has the knowledge please reply, my annual ins is due soon so I am already looking for the best deal out there. Cheers and thanks.
  12. Brill thank you. I can see the clips now quite clearly and where they are. Thank you for your time and effort given my question & query. I shall be attempting to remove mine later this week during a rest day. I don't want to tackle it before just in case something goes wrong as I have to use the car for work. I shall see if I can find a narrow tool to press the clips downwards (inwards towards the screen) whilst pulling the clamshell outwards as you described, this might help minimise the risk of breaking a clip during removal. Obviously I have to do this for every clip during removal etc. Afterwards I will take a real long look at the right side before attempting to remove that part just to make sure I feel confident before doing so. Big Kudos again for you buddy, you have been a great help. Up to this point I didn't have a clue what to do or how to do it, so your efforts has been appreciated greatly. Until I actually attempt this delicate operation (rest day) I shall keep searching the interweb for any further info, the more the merrier lol Cheers buddy!
  13. Hi Matt, Thanks for the image, its a bit dark but again the more info I have the better, at least I know where some of the bottom ones are. I'm looking to take both sides off if possible, apart from your help I cant seem too source any info, instructions etc on this particular subject. Much appreciated for your continued help. More Kudos for you! Cheers.
  14. Sounds awkward to do just like I thought, I don't want to break any pins or facial lugs trying to remove it that's why I was hoping for some actual image snips showing where they are placed and fixed. Your info has been of help as I understand more than before so Kudos to you buddy & thanks
  15. Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to remove the plastic cover behind the rear view mirror on a Mk3 Focus titanium X (2012). It looks a bit fragile so I don't want to attempt removing unless I have the know how. The cover is sort of V shaped and covers the from camera and other things in the blacken area of the front windscreen, it appears to separate into several pieces, I'm not to sure. I would love any instructions - guides - pictures on how to do this if available. Cheers!