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  1. I've plumbed for the Nextbase hard wire kit and was successful with my 09 focus but every switched fuse tap i try in my missus' 55 focus powers the camera up without switching the ignition on...don't think this should be happening. Can anybody offer any advice please. Ta
  2. I think i must be doing something wrong. I've tried both 105 and 131 and i'm getting nothing. I 've put 2 25 amp fuses in 105 and 2 15 amp fuses in 131...is this correct? Cheers Paul
  3. Could anybody recommend a suitable manufacturer of said piggyback as i bought one off Amazon and the supplied fuses don't even fit its own slots. Ta
  4. Good morning, would anybody be able to advise me as to which fuse would be best to piggy back for my dashcam as the bugger is constantly live from the ciggie lighter? Also my missus has got a 2005 Focus with the same issue. Cheers Paul
  5. So if it is the DPF thats clogged can this be cleaned or does it require replacing...pricey i guess. Now that the car has sat since christmas eve, am i taking a risk in trying to start it? Cheers
  6. Yep Tom, felt that tug on my wallet as soon as the malfunction light came on. Really surprised at Diesco...everyone i spoke to said they are the people to go to with this issue but to be fair i've not been that impressed with what i've seen. As a bit of a non-mechanical person can i ask what the DPF is and where is it located. Cheers
  7. Good call on the EGR...is nearly 10 years old. Cheers
  8. I believe they used their own diagnostics. The lad from the RAC checked the filters and it had a service earlier this year. Thought it might have been EGR valve or Glo-plug related but apparently not.Both the RAC and Diesco said there were no fault codes coming up until Diescos got it running really hot....then the faulty injectors were apparently spotted.
  9. Good morning, i have had an ongoing issue for the last month with starting and running issues with my 2009 Focus Titanium. I've had the car since it was 3 months old and up until the end of november it had been bullet proof reliability wise. On sunday the 2nd of dec after finishing work it just wouldn't catch, it would turn over but eventually i had to admit defeat and call the RAC...he found one of the fuses was loose and after jabbing it back in it fired up but ran very rough. I put the car into the local Diesel injection garage in Ipswich (Diescos) and it appears to have stumped them..
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