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  1. Dave-2912


    I'd be extremely surprised if your estimate of 175hp is correct. Obviously a dyno test is needed for a definitive answer but +35hp from a chip/remap on a naturally aspirated engine is very ambitious
  2. Dave-2912

    Fiesta 1.25 Tuning/performance

    You are surely aware that adding things like chips, strut braces and induction kits could well add considerably to your insurance? Negating the initial saving you made by buying a low powered car... Even things like painting your wheels would have to be declared but may not add too much. Doing all these things when you've already stated that money is a factor, just seems like a false economy.
  3. Dave-2912

    Automatic Folding Mirrors

    The brochure is your friend for this one: http://www.ford.co.uk/Cars/Fiesta/BrochureAndPriceLists (See page 53) You would only have power-foldable mirrors on a zetec if it also had either the City Pack or Front and Rear Parking Pack.
  4. Dave-2912

    Power Mirrors In Winter ?

    Maybe it doesn't get cold enough in Yorkshire but up here in Scotland I've had doors frozen shut on my last 3 cars. Doesnt happen often enough to make me take preventative measures but during the colder days of winter it does happen. I've always got into the car though as either the passenger door or boot hatch has still opened... As for folding mirrors, I think you would struggle to put in a warranty claim for operating the folding mirrors when they are frozen solid. It would be like using wipers when they are frozen to the screen then complaining that the rubber being ripped off or the motor burning out was a design/manufacturing fault. OP should definitely turn off the auto-mirrors (and make sure the stalk isnt set to auto-wipers [if fitted]) if concerned about very cold temps and especially heavy snow.
  5. Dave-2912

    St Ride And Fuel

    3.0l, single turbo, 320PS. Its a great car as is, so no need to make it sound better...
  6. Dave-2912

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Not to rubbish your achievement but I could get this kind of MPG every day on my 15 mile journey to work. It's the trip back home that spoils my average. The fact you say it was "on a run home" indicates that this wasn't a 'there-and-back' figure, so it's hard to know if it's impressive or not. For all we know this could be a 30mile downhill run.
  7. Dave-2912

    St Deals

    It's a personal lease at 8000 miles per year. As always on lease schemes there's an up front charge. £900+VAT in this case. http://www.gateway2lease.com/z_ford_fiestast-3_1.6ecoboostst-33dr-stock_15366_leasing.php
  8. Dave-2912

    St.. Buying Second Hand Or Buying New?

    I'm not sure if dealers widely advertise this but you should check if your employer is on the 'Ford Advantage authorised company list'. Loads of larger companies are on the list (NHS/ASDA/Debenhams/RBS/DHL/John Lewis/etc) and it gets you 2 years free servicing and 2 years extra breakdown cover. My employer (SELEX) is on the list and I know quite a few people who have benefited from it. Unfortunately I cant find a working link to the full company list but here's the other details: http://www.ford.co.uk/Hidden/FordAdvantage/Programme
  9. Dave-2912

    Zetec S Or Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 125?? (Mk7.5)

    You can have DAB without switching to the cluttered Sony headunit. Looks the same as the standard radio.
  10. Dave-2912

    Zetec S Or Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 125?? (Mk7.5)

    When I bought last October DAB was an option, not standard. Don't know if it has changed since then.
  11. Dave-2912

    Zetec S Or Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 125?? (Mk7.5)

    Average house price for a 3 bed house in Scotland is waaaaaay more than £80-100k... Take a look at this link: http://www.s1homes.com/house-price-report/property-size/house-price-report.html Average asking price of a 3 bedroom is £153k (and rising). I would echo what other people have said about saving the money to get the house first. Secure a mortgage before the interest rates start going up.
  12. There was talk a while ago about Ford releasing a mk7.5 equivalent to the mk7 Metal/S1600. This upped the power of the 1.6 from 120PS to 134PS, so a rise of 125PS to 140PS from the 1.0T would be believeable. The Metal/S1600 was fairly successful so it wouldn't be too surprizing if Ford decided to do something like this again. This is just conjecture though, I dont have facts to back up anything...
  13. Dave-2912

    Automatic Headlights Too Sensitive ?

    I find the auto-lights pretty good although I wouldn't really care if they were on all the time. I leave for work at 6:15 each morning and when the sun is low in the sky there can be a lot of glare but also a lot of shadows cast by objects at the side of the road. Going between these light and dark areas can lead to quite awkward visibility so if having the lights on helps someone see me, I'm quite happy to have them on. I have to say that I think the auto-wipers are garbage though, so I just disabled them in favour of intermittent wipe. The ones I've had in previous cars have been far superior. I think the auto pack on the ZS is worth getting for the auto-dimming rear view mirror alone though.
  14. Dave-2912

    Dumb Valve

    This would give the noise you are after but I implore you not to get one.... Many people would laugh... I would be one of them.
  15. Dave-2912

    Ford Options And Swapping Cars

    Your mileage allowance is irrelevant if you are trading the car in, other than affecting the PX valuation. Going over your agreed mileage only matters if you intend to hand the car back when you will be charged for being over.