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  1. ISETTA Yep mine is the 6.5 , i will get a new fuel filter and change that over , i have since allowed the car to warm up for few minutes before driving and touch wood the issue has not happened again however power seems hesitant around 1750rpm and 3000rpm.
  2. Did this issue get resolved ? If so what was it ?
  4. Zain , the red ex was only used to cure the problem of hunting i was experiencing probably 6 month ago. Back then i had no stalling/cutting out mate Main issue im having now is the cut out of engine power but like you say that could be fuel also. , its so intermittent !!
  5. Hi mate I hav'nt as of yet but my colleague has a snap-on one that we will check out at the weekend , , starts first time on a cold morning no troubles, no smoke black or white , no rough idle upon starting either.. Just double checking with the mechanic that did my last service in regards to fuel filter. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all I have a 2008 zetec s TDCI 1.6 , 156,000 miles on the clock In the past i've had a bit of a hunting issue when engine is idle / sitting in traffic , used some red-ex and the problem fixed itself . Recently im having an issue when the engine is cold and usually the following day after i have done a long distance journey ( 30 mins - hour ) , the engine is cutting out ( ENGINE POWER ONLY ) , and the reading of ''power assist fail '' on the dash ,,,, the ignition needs to be turned off and on again to restart to which it does fine each time , sometimes it happens once and only on cold start up and on shorter journeys but the other day it was 4 times in the space of 10 minutes . Seen multiple/many possibilities as to what it could be but am looking for advice from people that have had and fixed this problem in the past . Thanks in advance