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  1. I went ahead and installed that focal isu165 set. The tweeters are crazy bright, don't know who designed this but with the treble all the way down they are still way too noticable. It's as if they go way to high in the frequencies.
  2. Did your bluetooth sound quality improve? I'm still at Sync 1.0 but the sound quality and volume over bluetooth as noticably lower compared to playing the same (256kbps) mp3 from USB. Just considering if it's worth to upgrade to 1.1. The Applink thing I'm not really interested in at the moment.
  3. Anyone has experience with the Focal ISU165 on the stock radio in an mk7,5? (I got a newer DAB unit from a 2016 Fiesta, but there's no sony/no-sony anymore, they're all the same). (much cheaper on amazon) They have the crossovers built into the wires and priced attractively. Most say you can't go wrong with Focals, but some people report a bit too loud / harsch tweeters with focals. With the "warm" sound of the factory radio/amp I would think the risk for this is low? Will be playing mainly trance music, but like clear sounds and don't need crazy bass levels. I usually turn down the bass on most systems I listen to.
  4. Hi, I know I'm probably going to get some negative reactions here, but I'll go for it anyway,. My idea is to buy a small active underseat subwoofer (100W RMS 200W Max) and power it from the rear cigarette lighter socket. This is fused at 20A so this should work. In theory. Two options: - You tell me I am crazy, shouldn't do it and my Fiesta will burn down within seconds. - You tell me you or someone you know did exactly the same and it worked out fine 🙂 I know it would be better to wire to the battery for power etc, but I am lazy! Cheers, Vaal
  5. I don't know what you mean, but I want to power the dash cam from the 2nd usb port to remove a bit of clutter. Currently the camera is powered by usb via the cigarette lighter socket.
  6. Did it work? Thanks. I'm interested in the E1BT because of the extra USB port for my dashcam. But maybe there's a risk it needs forscan to get it to work.
  7. Thanks for the excellent guide and info. Just to make sure, will this also work on a Fiesta mk7,5 with navigation? (Dutch Ford Fiesta 2013/11 1.0EcoBoost with colour screen)? And would I need D1BT-14D212 or E1BT-14D212 or does it not really matter? I also notice some of the used parts are coming from focus or c-max, I assume these also work in the Fiesta?
  8. Did you ever went ahead and installed an Android unit?
  9. Interested in sme updates / pictures as well. Do you still have (working) OEM buttons in place?
  10. Hi, I don't have a Fiesta yet, but might get one. The biggest hurdle currently is the driver's seat. The bolster / leg support is too much for me. I am quite tall (195cm) and have long (upper) legs. So I am sitting with my legs "opened up" a little, which causes the leg support to press into my thighs and making my legs sleep. I've talked to a car upholstery firm and they think they can do something about it (200-225 euros). This is assuming that the clothing of the chairs can be removed/opened up and it's not a "molded" one piece cushion/seat. Any other suggestions? I've noticed the Ford Focus seats are a lot better suited to me, might these fit into a Fiesta? Should I get some modification to move the chair backwards a little? I am worried this would make be move too far away from the steering wheel. Cheers,