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  1. I am interested in your question, I have only one illuminating but of course the cluster on the other wing has the lens for another reversing lamp, I have not taken the back of the cluster apart yet but I imagine that the wiring harness has the capacity to feed another lamp so why not install it at manufacture ? My wifes Kuga has two reversing lamps so what is the difference.
  2. I listed my concerns regarding the filter warning back in January on this site and spoke to my ford dealer who had no idea that the new Focus had a GPF. My car has now completed 2090 miles and the Filter Warning has not shown itself for at least a week, previously it was after a mile of any journey. Hopefully I have not spoken to soon I can only imagine there is a conditioning period for the filter, again it could be that the ambient temperature has risen a few degrees. I can only wait and see because I have had no communication from Fords regarding this issue, thanks Fords.
  3. Unfortunately this number (01206 202040) takes you to an automated answer calling itself "Prior Approval" no mention in their list of options of Ford Tech support. I will just keep trying to find somebody who has some answers about Petrol particulate Filters and their limit issues.
  4. Spoken to a few Ford dealerships and the response is that Particulate Filters are in Diesel vehicles not petrol, obviously the forward plan training by Fords has not been done in the dealerships. Thought I might speak to the Technical Department of Fords UK on 0906 5533447, you may have noticed this is a Premium rate number charged at £1 per minute so I will not be calling that number. Still the warning keeps popping up usually a mile into a journey thankfully still resets.
  5. I bought my new shape Focus in September 2018 all has been fine until December and then this same warning came on the display with an audible alarm "Exhaust filter at limit Drive now". The car has only done 1100 miles but with a mix of journey distances, i bought this car for economy dropping down from a 1600cc TiVCT focus but it sounds as though every time I get this warning I have to take the car out for a run down the motorway not very economical ? Even after a long run the next day the warning can appear after a mile, could it be that the calibration of the sensor is in error as a previous entry suggests. I will have a word with the dealership.