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  1. No, I asked at the first service (3-9-2020) about software updates and was told that there were none, and there were no call backs.
  2. Here we go again, temperature this morning 7degrees C had driven one mile and guess what came on the display "Filter at max Drive now to clean", completed my journey and returned to my car 4 hours later temp at 8 degrees C and as soon as I started the car the same warning appeared "Filter at max Drive now to clean". Mr Ford get your act together and sort this out.
  3. Have just had the required 2 year service and brake fluid change (5% water content) for the sum of £309 !!! on my Mk4 Focus, did not even change the plugs. I asked if there were any software updates to hopefully stop the PPF from warning me of the need to "Drive now to clean" as soon as the air temp drops below 8 degrees C, needless to say "NO" was the answer, in other words Ford seems not to care about all the complaints and just turns their back on the issue. Thanks Mr Ford.
  4. Thanks all, have tried in the past the soft reboot but with no success it needed an engine off and restart to correct. Cannot do any of those things while on the motorway waiting for the next instruction. Last time I was in a Ford garage for a call back I asked regarding updates for this and the particulate issue, unfortunately they said their computer system was down so could not check the system ??
  5. I have had several experiences of the complete electronic sat nav radio and other devices freezing during operation for no apparent reason, the only resolve is to stop the car and switch the engine off for several seconds and then restart, in effect rebooting the system. A little dissapointing when you are driving to a destination and expecting verbal advice regards directions and nothing happens. Appreciate any suggestions as to a solution, car going in for first service next month so will hope for some software updates will certainly express my concerns.
  6. For the last 12 months when depressing the clutch pedal a sound that I thought was a dry mechanism could be heard, at the last service in November 2019 I asked if this could be inspected. On my retiurn journey from the Ford dealer I thought the problem had been solved, on inspection they had lubricated the shaft going through the bulkhead, unfortunately the following week the sound was still apparent so I sprayed the springs associated with the clutch pedal with WD40, this made no difference the squeaky sound still occurs every time you press the clutch. Has anybody experienced the same or got any ideas as to a solvent to this squeaky problem
  7. Not sure I always disable function on starting the engine, battery at 12.2v so charge is not bad will give a boost charge and test again. Thanks.
  8. Sorry got a little side tracked, I wonder if a reboot would be the solution, in other words disconnect the battery wait a good 30 seconds and reconnect, if problem continues might try.
  9. Hello, Contacted local Ford Dealer regarding Particulate Filer warnings that are still popping up, said they would get back to me, that was 3 weeks ago still no response understandable in present situation but no mention of any recall. I am losing faith in the Ford machine that I once held in high esteem.
  10. A problem with the door unlocking and locking mechanism has just started. When I try to unlock the car from any door other than the drivers door no response, as the manual suggests I go to the vehicle settings door locks and set it for all doors, switch the engine off and exit the vehicle, I can lock the vehicle from any door. I return the next day and again only the drivers door responds no other door handle works, I check the system and it is still set for "All Doors" I reconfirm this, switch the engine off and again all doors respond to both lock and unlock. I have tried the manual suggested key fob lock and unlock at the same time press for 4 seconds to alter the operation of the door locking, makes no difference. Any ideas, would appreciate.
  11. I hoped winter of 2018 when the warning of filter at max drive now to clean came on repeatedly was a conditioning issue, the dealerships had no answer and were waiting for info from Fords, needless to say I have received no further updates from them. The warning stopped when the ambient temperature started to rise, would you believe it as soon as the ambient temp went below 5C this winter the warning started appearing again and is now as frequent as winter of 2018, but still no updates or answers from Ford could it be they don't care about their customers.
  12. I am interested in your question, I have only one illuminating but of course the cluster on the other wing has the lens for another reversing lamp, I have not taken the back of the cluster apart yet but I imagine that the wiring harness has the capacity to feed another lamp so why not install it at manufacture ? My wifes Kuga has two reversing lamps so what is the difference.
  13. I listed my concerns regarding the filter warning back in January on this site and spoke to my ford dealer who had no idea that the new Focus had a GPF. My car has now completed 2090 miles and the Filter Warning has not shown itself for at least a week, previously it was after a mile of any journey. Hopefully I have not spoken to soon I can only imagine there is a conditioning period for the filter, again it could be that the ambient temperature has risen a few degrees. I can only wait and see because I have had no communication from Fords regarding this issue, thanks Fords.
  14. Unfortunately this number (01206 202040) takes you to an automated answer calling itself "Prior Approval" no mention in their list of options of Ford Tech support. I will just keep trying to find somebody who has some answers about Petrol particulate Filters and their limit issues.