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  1. Excellent I will sort a new one out and post back results thanks very much for your help
  2. Hi, thanks for reply It does take a while to feel warm air coming In from fans inside the car and I did notice after driving for like 40mins that when I put the heaters on full it was just warm air not hot Also I can go for a 30 mile drive and the temp gauge won't budge (stays cold) except for very small movements if I am at lights for a bit. then if I pull up after a good drive for say 15 mins the tempreature goes to normal and stays like that if I don't move, but as soon as I drive off and at a steady speed it will slowly drop to cold(60°) I had my engine running in a car park the other day and I got the car up to normal temp and I drove round the car park slowly (didn't go past 10mph) for about half an hour and the temp stayed bang on normal (88°) and then as I was driving home it slowly dropped down except for the pauses at red lights It's effecting the efficency of the car aswell it's running at 21MPG Cheers. Si.
  3. Hi, sorry if this is posted in wrong place. I have ford focus petrol 2006 1.6 ghia, when my car is stationary for 10-15 mins the gauge will increase to optimum tempreature (about 88° and stays there) but when I travel around in the car the temp drops slowly but surely back down to flat as though it is reading cold. Any ideas would be great thank you