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  1. paulo66

    active grille shutter problem

    hi yes shutters default to open when closed manually so assumed the motor is working, the code comes back everytime after clearing. have checked the wiring and no signs of corrosion on either end.
  2. paulo66

    active grille shutter problem

    is there anyone who can help at all?
  3. paulo66

    active grille shutter problem

    anybody help out there please
  4. hi all looking for help with this issue, i have a 60 plate Mondeo TDCI 140 Zetec (facelift) mk4.5 Engine malfunction light came on - diagnosed U0204 "Lost communication with active grille air shutter module a pending DTC" grille shutters open and intact. checked wiring and no obvious signs of corrosion on plug or motor connection. shutters move freely and can be shut then open when ignition is on. am at a loss as to what to do