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  1. Good morning everyone, I was hoping someone could help ID a part for me please as shown in the picture. Just added a silicone intercooloer pipe thanks to help on here and only knocked the tube from the sensor and broke it as shown . Does anyone know the part number for this tube ? or would superglue do the job ? Also would the car be safe to drive if I need to go pick up the part ? Dopey clumsy numptey day of the award goes to me ! Thank you
  2. Much appreciated , I will let you know how it goes 🙂
  3. Good afternoon all, I was wandering if anyone could help with some suggestions to start fault finding with my 58 Plate Focus TDCI (1.8) It’s basically spent more time off the road than on since I bought it at the start of the year, but I now have a new problem. It recently was cutting out as if it had ran out of fuel(RAC called more than once!) and then went into the garage for repair. Ended up having the tank emptied, new easy fuel filler cap, neck, filter and an o ring replaced – there was also debris in the tank from when the filler cap disintegrated ( was
  4. Good afternoon all, I have recently purchased a 2nd hand Focus (58 plate) and it has the Easy fuel system . I have been having reaL difficulties fuelling the car as it’s just stops at the pump every few seconds and a couple of times diesel has splashed out. To top it off when I pulled the pump out the cat the easy fuel lock system was in the end of the pump ! A black plastic insert, a black circular part with a lip on and a metal locking ring. I’ve put it all back but it’s clearly broken so needs replacind. Is this a huge job ? I cannot seem to find the parts anywhere , if it’s a be
  5. Thank you, fully deconnectd the stereo and charged the battery through today until full. Put the key in the ignition, dash lit up and car completely died! Going to have another look in daylight tomorrow and a then a friends recommended a local mechanic - not a word from seller !
  6. will do tomorrow now, thank you and will report back. Much appreciated.
  7. Just unplugged the connections at the back of the stereo) it was one of these aftermarket android things a-sure. The seller said I must have left it turned on (but the screen off) and made sense as i just assumed it went off with the ignition (text book mistake)
  8. Thanks , I did read this elsewhere which is why i disconnected the stereo but still see the odometer light on and battery flat again in 2 days. (Battery is fine its been checked)
  9. Hi everyone, Just joined the forum and am hoping someone can help as Im having a nightmare after buying a 2nd hand Focus last Saturday. (Focus estate style diesel 1.8) Everything checked out ok (FSH, online history all checks and test drive etc etc) Started perfect from cold - all tied in with comprehensive advert etc. The morning after I picked up the car I went to start and the battery was completely dead, rang the seller etc and said just charge the battery as I could have left the stereo overnight -aftermarket fitted(after a bit of research found out this has happened on o
  10. Hi everyone, Just bought a 2nd hand Focus Style estate and am having problems , done the usual and researched and everything pointed me this way. Hoping someone can help Kind regards Mark
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