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  1. Does anyone know anything about the sway bar/anti roll bar? I think I’ve over tightened mine and it’s causing a loud knocking clunking sound in the front of the car mainly in the corners. when trying to fit the drop link I had to use an incredible amount of force to pull it down to fit it. Thanks 🙏
  2. Yeah 🙂 I’m on that already I’ve striped that out to have a closer look. but not sure where it’s bolted to ? Or weather I need to remove the knee airbag also .. I was hoping someone had done this before 🙂
  3. Do I need to remove the dash to change it ?
  4. They sounded like they didn’t know to be honest they mention that as it was crash damaged that there could be a type of crumble zone in them ... there’s one on eBay for £25 ... are they easy to change ? and thanks for replying guys ... 🙏
  5. My car was in a crash and I’ve put it back together .... (front drivers side corner) went for the mot and it fail on play in the steering column .. are these collapsable ? And easier to change ? Thanks 🙏
  6. I’d imagine so but just looking for something different and I only use it to nip the kids to and from school and shop runs..
  7. I’m looking into a 1.0 ecoboost mondeo it has 55,000 miles on the clock ... seems abit high for its age but not un heard of. are the engines reliable with high mileage ?
  8. troll2 /trɒl,trəʊl/ Learn to pronounce verb carefully and systematically search an area for something. "a group of companies trolling for partnership opportunities" fish by trailing a baited line along behind a boat. gerund or present participle: trolling "we trolled for mackerel"
  9. I can’t measure the one I had it’s crumbled to pieces 🙂 but thanks for your responses ... thats what’s making this hard to sort as no one seems to know ... that’s why I was playing it safe looking for the same 1.2 version ... I also need a white bonnet 🙂
  10. Thanks 🙂 but my question is if you can used the 1.0 ecoboost rad pack on a 1.2 zetec. i have a 1.2 (is it 1.25?) 🙂 but thanks for the links Ive bin trolling eBay for weeks, I wanna pay around the £150 posted if possible ...
  11. Hi I’m fixing my fiesta after a crash ... mine needs the rad pack (complete) but im stuggling To find one for a reasonable price ....is there a specific one for the 1,2 or can the 1.0 or ST180 work ? Or anything else ? The 1.0ltr ones are the price I wanna pay ... but the 1.2 ones seems to be £££ ... thanks