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  1. Hi everyone, apologies for taking so long to post back. Evans Halshaw swapped out the starter motor and all has been working fine since. They admitted they couldnt find a fault, but took my word for it and put a claim through the warranty policy in order for the part to be paid for.
  2. I emailed the MD of Evans Halshaw and although I haven't had a reply, I also contacted Ford customer relations and suddenly, after a few hours, Evans Halshaw rang to say they have a courtesy car for me and a starter motor on order.
  3. It would appear that my last response didn't post.. my car did go to another Ford approved dealer local to me in October when the issues first started and they couldn't find any issue either due to the fact it was intermittent... I think it could be a losing battle due to the "intermittent" nature
  4. It gets better... as The AA got my car working on Friday, the car is now working absolutely fine with Evans Halshaw and they cannot find any issues other than wanting to recharge my battery and replace the coolant cap, both of which are chargeable. They cannot find any issues with the Starter Motor as the car is starting without any issues. Looks like i'm not going to get any help, anytime soon
  5. To add, my car is being looked at by an Evans Halshaw engineer since around 12 today, but there is no update yet.
  6. I would do that, but I expect it'll all come down to T&C's
  7. My own thought is to hold off until end of day Monday when they should have completed the diagnosis and will hopefully be able to tell me whether it's covered in the warranty. I know that the battery won't be covered as they never are, but I cannot see any mention of the Starter Motor in the warranty as an exclusion, so would hope that is covered. I bought the extended 2 year warranty on the same day I bought the car, it was sold to me as being a Ford warranty, but obviously that's probably ignorance on my part and a bit of clever selling tactic on their part, as they told me I could tak
  8. I have just been on hold with the Warranty team for over 15 minutes to try and get through and no answer... probably not open today but Evans Halshaw said they would transfer me through anyway... all fun and games.
  9. The car has never cut out and stopped working, unless stop / start was enabled. I don't know exactly where the clutch is, but when The AA came out today, they opened the bonnet and were only able to get the car going again by giving it a rolling start by pushing it along the road whilst trying the ignition constantly and eventually it kicked back in.
  10. It's with Evans Halshaw but will see what they come back with, they said the car won't be looked at until Monday and cannot sort me out a courtesy car as this has to be done through the warranty company... not exactly helpful but will hold out to try and reach them as at the moment the phone number is down.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I have had The AA out again today and they have repeated with the advice of it being a Starter Motor, it's now been driven to Evans Halshaw where I have the extended warranty with. They won't provide me a courtesy car or any advice on cost or timeframe, so will see what happens next really. Even though the car is only just outside the Ford own 3 year warranty, is it worth me trying to argue that the faulty started only a few weeks outside the warranty or do you think they won't really care?
  12. Good Evening all, My first post here so please feel free to point me in the direction of any extra information I should be providing and whilst I stick around the forum I will of course try and help others if I can 🙂 I have owned a Ford Fiesta CN65 plate for nearly 2 years now, I bought it second hand from Evans Halshaw in Leicester and all has been fine and good. At the end of August 2018 it went for it's first MOT and I paid for a Gold Service at my local garage, the MOT all passed and I haven't received any details regarding the Service checks. Back in October my car start
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