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  1. Neither has mine. been to the garage but never happens with them, has no fault registered. They have put it on as a Global problem but no reply. had a bit of snow so far, stuck on winter tyres and will see what happens. have taken photos and forwarded on to garage. Have googled a bit and has said that if the system is ‘hot’ it will turn off. Can’t be ‘hot’ after 50 yards. Also Manuals are more susceptible than automatics. will see what happens when we get a right dump of the white stuff!
  2. Hi no fault codes at all. The dealer updated it but according to the ‘car’ there is nothing wrong with it.
  3. Hi apologies if this subject has been talked about already. I have a Ford Edge Sport 2016 and when in snow or slippy conditions the AWD turns off. Did lots of times last year and going into this year concerned I’ll not get anywhere. I paid £30k for a car I don’t trust. i am arguing with the dealer that there is a fault who has put in a global ford query but has got nowhere. anyone else had any issues. I can turn on, drive 50 yards and it tells me it’s ‘turned off’ apparently as it’s overheated, thanks in advance