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  1. I think what I need is a different bluetooth module unit. One with usb connectivity. Part ref: 8M5T-19C112-AXP I've ordered one for £35 and should be golden! Where can I get an Aux and USB faceplate to replace my standard Aux faceplate. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. The instructions are a little vague such as what usb socket, what bezel etc. where I buy it from and so forth but I guess I'll just have to have a go?
  3. It might be in there but I might have to take the glove compartment apart?!
  4. Its a 2011 model which is included in the patch but is it dealership only? I'll look about in my car but I've no idea where it might be. I've only got an aux input in the glove compartment.
  5. Thank you. Unfortunately my head unit doesn't look like that and hasn't got a usb slot that I can see anywhere.
  6. I've got an 11 Mondeo. I can make hands free calls but I cannot play music via bluetooth from my phone. I've followed the instructions in the manual, pressed the aux button many times and this does not show bluetooth enabling me to link my phone to stream music. If I open the glove compartment I have an aux in. Why did they put it there of all places anyway?! Regarding the radio, I've no idea what I'm doing or not doing but it seems utterly incapable of picking up most radio stations. It can pick up Classical and a couple others but can't pick up Radio 1?! Radio stations are easily lost and can't be found. I live in an urban environment and shouldn't have any problems regarding this. I presume it would be best to contact a radio and audio specialist? Any assistance on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I purchased a 2011 Ford Mondeo from a second hand car dealer in October. I am absolutely thrilled with every aspect of it and it is well suited to my needs. Still haven't worked out a lot of what it does though. Positively space age in comparison to my last car!