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  1. I've had a whole heap of trouble with the Steering Malfunction alarm. Seemed to be draining the battery too. The code reader was indicating the rear boot sensor was not working. All doors and boot are checked before applying the electrical equivalent of a steering lock. Hence it's a steering malfunction. Also noticed on a few occasions having previously left the car in a locked state overnight, then returning in the morning, that the boot had been released. Also subsequently heard the boot release mechanism activating repeatedly. I assume this was the reason for my battery going flat too (it's a new battery, so that shouldn't be part of the problem). I've had the codes read on 5 occasions now, and the boot lock replaced, continuity checks of the boot hatch wires. Battery also required a full overnight recharge. It was totally flat. Mechanic also cleaned-up an electrical module in the rear of the car (sorry - don't have the full details of this - but can find out). Car is now running OK (after 1 day!). Kinda expecting the Steeling Malfunction alarm to return. Will update this forum if it does.