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  1. I have the same issue, the only thing you can do is a factory reset if it is a sync 1 for all others I do not know however if factory reset doesn't work then there is nothing more you can do
  2. Just as a precaution, I would go to Halfords or get the race to do a battery health check, especially as you have a long journey, and the battery can be on its way out and the engine will crank fine until it doesn't or you crank to long at it fails then.
  3. The foam ring is supposed to be under the Spare wheel and the cup retainer on top of the spare wheel, the spare should have the front up and the back down
  4. the lower one of the two is referred to as the mk7.5 in the uk (and presumably in most places outside the uk)
  5. I can confirm that your fiesta is a mk7/ 7.5 (depending on where you look) because my fiesta is the same age as yours, and also states JA8 (and is also a zetec) the way to tell if it is a mk7 or an mk6 is the front grill, mk7 looks like a stormtrooper, mk6 has a small grill divided in half by a bumper plastic
  6. I think at this point I am going to just replace the sump, as I already have a new drain plug because I was expecting to need to replace it and there is no way that plug can be extracted.
  7. Yeah that sums it up, the service records back it up
  8. i know the oil hasn't been changed since 2014 because the last record of am oil change is from 2014 after that there are no more records of an oil change after that, but there are records of other things that the dealer changed at the annual service, also 2014 was the last time that my grandparents (the owners of the car) drove the car until september 2018 when i got the car. The milage of the car when i got it was 5794 miles and it is now 10044 miles. The sump did also have a paper gasket (although not shown in the picture) and i could see that it had been ripped and that ford used some kind of sealant (that looks like bathroom sealant) to reseal the sump instead of replacing the gasket. And the fact that there was a paper gasket there to begin with wasn't inspiring confidence.
  9. A few months ago I was trying to do an oil change on my fiesta because I found out that it hadn't had one since 2014 despite being survived by ford in may of 2018, I then found the sump drain plug was seized and I rounded it off trying to remove it, then this morning I attempted to try again and noticed that the sump must have been off at some point because ford didn't replace the gasket with a new one instead they used bathroom silicone sealant instead. The more I look under the car the more I see bodged work from ford.
  10. I tried doing that however I could not find an adapter to allow me to tap into the socket because the fuse in my fiesta for the lighter socket is a cube type not a rectangle type
  11. I use piggyback off the gauge cluster fuse because the dash cam should not be drawing more than 2 a at a maximum, I use a special fuse piggyback adapter that allows the thing that is being power through that socket to keep its fuse and for the dash cam to have its own fuse that even if it blew, the main fuse would be fine.
  12. you know you can remove the glovebox and run it behind (especially as that is the same way you get to the fuse box) which removes the need for the duck tape which in my mind does not look that great for whoever is in the car with you
  13. what i did was run the cable (dash cam end) from the headlining, down the side of the left A pillar trim (by removing the door seal on the car) then into the fusebox area (by removing the side cover from the left side of the dash) from here you can either just piggy back of a fuse (i used the 7.5 amp fuse for the gauge cluster) or you can run the cable behind the glovebox, along the trans tunnel and plug into the lighter socket. either way just has the cable visible where it comes out of the head lining to connect to the dash cam.
  14. The nextbase ones are the most reliable dash cams, and if you run it off the gauge cluster fuse in the fusebox it should be fine that is what I am doing or any circuit in the fusebox that gets power only when the ignition is on and is not reliant on other things like lights and engine etc... The lighter socket fuse in the fiestas are the wrong type to tap into, if you get a nextbase dash cam you can get there special hardwire kit that comes with everything you will need to tap into the power from a fuse socket safely, it keeps the device that the fuse socket is for having the same fuse and the dash cam its own fuse.