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  1. if you look at ford's own website they do actually have digital versions of the owners handbook
  2. The car's key fob reciever
  3. To answer my own thread, they are a direct replacement plug and play without any fettling to get it to work Update, I have them fitted, but the bcmii is showing an error with DRLs, can someone please help me with this, as I am a bit puzzled and the wiring documentation for this era of fiestas is lackluster at best Also the codes given are b124a, and b124b
  4. My 2013 fiesta mk7.5 is a zetec and came with projector type housing with the high beam bulb also being a drl, I wanted to switch the housing over to the newer led drl projector housing (still mk7.5), I was wondering if there was anything I need to do in order to get them to work in my car
  5. What are you using to connect your car to your laptop, I have found that trying to do it with the basic no switch for HS/ms can OBD2 interface won't work and any wireless one will cause this type of issue
  6. im lucky to even touch 40MPG on my fiesta
  7. the reason ford still uses drum rear brakes on fiestas (unless they are the ST spec) is due to the fiesta being a light car, the rear brakes doing very little braking loads and mostly only there for the E-brake, the disc rears on most small cars are also plagued with accelerated pad and rotor wear compared to the fronts due to the fact that the handbrake cable forces the pad to rub a bit more, the pads and rotors are also smaller and so ford decided to keep the drum rears and have a system where the rears only add braking force on the last 1/3 of brake pedal travel
  8. what MK is his fiesta, if it has sync, what sync version did it have, was it the standard ford radio or the sony unit?
  9. Yes it would as the Bluetooth module is also responsible for AUX, USB, and Voice control, on the facelift version of your car it's also responsible for the sync audio system
  10. Sounds like one of the abs sensors on the wheels, the car uses these for as the the speed sensor as well, if the car doesn't get any signal from them, then the car disables the power steering and abs and the traction control both get upset, check the sensor and check the magnetic tone wheel that I think is on the drive shafts on fiestas
  11. Have you checked the wires before they go into the door and then at the mirror plug, there is a chance the wires could be broken inside the the rubber wire tunnel between the car and the door due to fatigue (as the driver's door tends to be open and shut more than other doors)
  12. Also your car is too old to have even sync 1.0 which the sony head unit would need because the one in the picture is either sync 1.0 or 1.1. there is no way of making this work with your car as sync requires communication with the BCMI and IPC and since your car didn't come with any sync variant the BCMI and IPC wouldn't understand the comm from the sync module
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