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  1. Neb_engineer

    Rear washer problem

    It is the same on my fiesta, check splitter on the tubing that splits the flow between the front and the rear, these easily clog. Also it would not be the pump or the fuse because it is the same pump and fuse for the front.
  2. Neb_engineer

    Parking sensor?

    Does it come up with a proximity view of the car when you go into reverse (diagram of the car with blocks behind it that get smaller as you get closer to objects)
  3. Neb_engineer

    Black coolant tank walls

    i have seen this on other vehicles, it happens because the plastic starts to degrade on the surface from the coolant. it is completely harmless it just means that eventually you will have to clean the inside when it gets too cloudy to see the level. An example of a vehicle i have seen this on is a 2003 mk3 nissan micra which has done thousands of miles, it still has the original reservou we just use a piece of cardboard with the levels marked as a dipstick to see the level of coolant. The other thing that happens is after a while the antifreeze comes out of solution and stains the walls of the reservou, this is completely normal.
  4. Neb_engineer

    Mk8 LED Headlamp replacement costs? I found this listing and it is only £50 on ebay
  5. Neb_engineer

    Facelift Mk 5 Door Question

    As far as I can tell ford didn't change the door design in the facelift of the Mk5 so either should work
  6. Neb_engineer

    ELM327 For Forscan etc

    I will buy it if you put a picture up thanks