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  1. Pretty sure I can rule that out - haven't used the rear screen wash in living memory LOL
  2. Really? Now that sounds like a job I could actually do myself LOL, but how on earth does the water find itself all the way into the boot?
  3. Hard to argue with that LOL The spoiler removal sounds like a plan. Will get that done at next service, sounds like a job for a proper man!
  4. LOL, I know that, but my GT4 has drain holes, as did my old C class Merc. What are the 2 x bungs for then?
  5. On 'spring cleaning' my boot and checking the spare, I saw a puddle of water sitting in the wheel well. After drying everything up, I noticed 2 x bungs (?) which instinctively I thought should have had some sort of drain hole to allow water to escape rather than just gather. Am I wrong?
  6. This thread just reminded me why the last time I changed a steering wheel was on my 1995 Celica GT4 to a nice MOMO leather one. Modern cars are just far too much hassle LOL
  7. I agree, that's what I have, though it is brighter than the Victorian developed filament bulb, I'm still contemplating putt a proper reverse light on mine!
  8. Well, I remember learning BASIC on my home built Sinclair Spectrum ZX81 LOL 😀
  9. mmm... the number pate lights legally need to be 'white', and yes, they're bright but that what I wanted from an LED change.It's fun to watch following drivers don their sunglasses at night LOL 🤣 Oh, and sadly I go way back to Windows 3.1!
  10. This is what I got for mine, took just a few minutes to change, cheap as chips and very bright.
  11. On driving my new Escort RS Turbo (back in 1990), the drivers mirror has a minor vibration in it at speed. Got the usual "they all do that..." Pointed to the manager's RS Turbo and asked to go for a spin. Well, what do you know, they replaced the mirror for me. It turns out they all didn't do that after all... 🤣
  12. Especially looking at that 3 pointed star on the end LOL
  13. Having owned a 'C' class I spent quite a bit of time on the Mercedes owners forum. I think you'd find that many owners realise that though marketed as a 'premium brand', they haven't been properly & solidly built since the late 90s... (As with any car brand, there are numerous issues that make them break down and potentially unreliable)
  14. I must confess that never in a month of Sundays did I ever think of 'reporting' such a mod to my insurance company. I would be curious under what set of circumstances would it be a detriment to the car? Oh, I just checked ad the DRL I have is 'E' marked. I can understand a set of expensive alloys, or an uprated turbo. God, when I think of my younger days the stuff I use to put on my car without notifying them is scary!
  15. OMG, you just bought back a memory almost 40 years old! I hooked up (on my 1st car, a Datsun 120Y) an 'alarm' push bonnet switch to a 12v map reading light (don't think LEDs had been invented yet) so I could see under the bonnet. You also sound as anal as me too (with respect) as on my 1.9 205GTi, I ensured that there was a fog light on both side of the bumper to make it symmetrical! It only came with the drivers side one. The mod you did using a Euro light to make it symmetrical sounds great, however, my fussiness has died down somewhat over the years, and the mod I'm contemplating is a zero cost one, as I already have the LED light, and it would just take a bit of wiring, again, no cost. I also have a bit of lens black spray paint in garage that maybe I could use to tone the whiteness of the DRL down so it doesn't stand out too much! Thanks for the feedback though, much appreciated...