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  1. My last car was easy, peeled off the front clear film, stick it to inside glass, then peel off the backing film, leaving the lettering all neatly stuck. I don't think my Ford ones are the same LOL
  2. Have just received my 'premier' membership pack, nice! There are 2 x window decals in it which I have a question. Are they applied outside the glass, where you peel off the backing strip, press down, then peel off the clear tape to leave just the lettering? Or is it just a simple bit of clear dymo type labeling? Don't want to ruin one by experimenting!
  3. Good advice, there are loads of proper A/C specialists. The 4 main culprits are 1) Condenser 2) compressor 3) dried out seals causing leak 4) corroded pipe causing leak. A competent firm will be able to properly diagnose.
  4. That Lambo tractor he has looks like cartoon one, it's enormous! Kaleb is so hard to believe he is just 21, he really puts Clarkson in his place and not afraid to tell him he's a friggin' eejit LOL Good luck for your 50p!
  5. I'm afraid the analogy is lost on me, have never watched The Fast Show, but I am 4 episodes down of the 'farm', already can't wait for series 2!
  6. Now you're talking, that £1000 did sound like a prize rip off!
  7. In a previous car (not a Focus) I had a new pump supplied & fitted for £140, that does seem an awful steep price, probably similar value as the car!
  8. Something like Euro Car Parts, just google for a location near to you and hop on the phone LOL (Motor factors is simply a term for a car parts store)
  9. There are some very knowledgeable members on this forum, hopefully one of them will drop by soon to help out - welcome...
  10. I'm assuming, 'Gates' is a Ford dealer? Can you not get the specific part No. they suggest you need then google it? Plenty of online sellers, even on Ebay...
  11. Thanks guys for the heads up on this show, am now 2 episodes down and love it! There's something quite endearing watching a bumbling overweight idiot totally out of his depth in pretty much everything on 'farming'. Very entertaining...
  12. 3.5 mile trip?? LOL You need to toughen up man, or invest in a pair of gloves 🤣
  13. I have watched every single episode, I loved it, though admittedly I'm a big fan of the original trio - even seen them in their live show a couple of times.
  14. Yet another Zippo use - I have a cat who loses her collar regularly, so on putting a new one on her I have to trim the collar for length., I use my Zippo to melt the edge of it so it doesn't fray LOL
  15. Well spotted buddy, I had good intentions LOL
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