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  1. Wow, that's bad luck, that's exactly the place I said I hoped it wouldn't be as they are nearly always beyond economic repair once you need the dash out! I hope the 'leak' stuff has some positive effect for you...
  2. I put a lovely exhaust trim on mine, plus a lovely set of plastic wheel trims LOL
  3. mmm... going against your wife, good luck with that LOL
  4. This procedure is the same for Mercedes as well as I discovered after a battery replacement...
  5. A new car? Your wife is obviously a woman of wisdom and correct - save your money and pay for a breakdown service as and when needed. My car is 15 years old and I do have cover, but it only costs me £20/year, and that's an 'all Ireland' cover (I live in Northern Ireland).
  6. Let's be generous, and say it was the song LOL Helen...
  7. I reckon the voting could take place just as accurately without the actual songs being performed! 🤣
  8. mmm... we came last, I blame Brexit! LOL Surprise worst performance was Madonna who sang decidedly off tune (flat), but I'm guessing she'll blame a system malfunction. Night folks, until next year... 😛
  9. This is very sad, I'm obviously on my own here on the forum on a Saturday night whilst all you young'uns are out partying the night away! Oh well, hope you're all having fun... 😛
  10. Of course I'm not ;'watching' it, but some of the acts look remarkable easy on the eye. Am I allowed to say that? I'm quite old and not very PC LOL
  11. Never heard it, I'm sure it will do as well as it always does LOL
  12. OK guys the Mrs is now watching Eurovision, never missed it! I of course I've never watched it! LOL 🤣 Any other refugees here or just me??
  13. StephenFord


    My MOT is on 1st July, looking forward to it. My Celica GT4 had failed consistently on first go for the last 8 years, most expensive repair was in excess of £1200 (suspension rebuild needed). I'm sure my old Focus will sail through! 😀
  14. Valid post, but weird title LOL Welcome to the forum...