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  1. mmm... I'm thinking he may not tell them LOL 🤣
  2. I wasn't part of the original thread, but when it did happen to me, it was the seal on the heater matrix pipe that had gone. The seal itself (use genuine Ford!), cost about £4, the labour was, well, 3 to 4 hours from your friendly local garage! Now, mine has unfortunately gone twice, so if it happens aagain, I'll be getting a more permanent repair done bypassing the need for a seal altogether! Cut about an inch off the end of both pipes, and rejoin with good quality hose & jubilee clips!
  3. Yep, hard to beat a bit of CF sticky backed plastic!
  4. That's hilarious! My leak on my Mk2 was from the rear lights, and once sealed, all cured. Takes quite a bit of arrogance to announce that you have the definitive solution to a problem with multiple causes! LOL 🤣 Still, welcome to the forum...
  5. Good idea matey, would save all our sanity too 🤣 Or, you could tell us all about 18 deaths caused by blood clots out of 25,000,000 vaccines, which is statistically less than the number of fatal blood clots without any vaccination... (0.000072%)
  6. Am I the only one wondering WTF 'PPF' is?? LOL
  7. This seems to be the basis of your issue, if the screen says, 'mic off', it simply won't work. You just need to find the setting to turn the mic back on again...
  8. Over 15,000 reviews on TrustPilot with a near 80% 5 star rating! I even wrote one LOL https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/6040d8e7f85d75064c373c0c
  9. In the 80s, I was promised a hover board 'in the near future', I remain disappointed LOL
  10. mmm... so, if you live on the 3rd floor, do you just dangle an extension cable out the window overnight to charge it up for the morning? (Along with your 30+ neighbours) LOL To 'fill up now', all you do is drive to a petrol station, get your fuel, and drive off again. What am I missing here Tom?
  11. ...and therein lies the future failure of the battery car! If you can't even wash it, how are you going to charge it LOL
  12. I sure hope they are tartan, it's compulsory with getting old! 😁
  13. Is the carpet wet on your drivers side? (If so, symptom of leaking heater matrix - not good news!)
  14. You sure? Your dog looks pretty skeptical LOL 🤣
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