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  1. You poor sods, if you lived in Northern Ireland, you got an automatic 12 month extension on your MOT 😀
  2. I thought mainland MOTs had been suspended for 6 months?
  3. I read this thread out of curiosity - my head hurts... 🤣
  4. Indeed, and you could buy a quarter of sour apples, a fizzy sherbet, and a bag of black jacks, and still have change from a tanner LOL 🤣
  5. As per Dan's advice, this morning I mentioned my 'reverse' light mod to my insurance company. (I was on the phone anyway to them getting a quote for my mum's insurance). I could hear the guy 'smiling' on the phone, and he said that I could fit as many reversing LEDs on my car that would fit, it wouldn't effect the premium LOL I feel I may be the subject of some tea break banter at the insurance company!
  6. My car is 15 years old, well before DRL era. However, it really didn't cost that much to get her sorted with nice shiny LEDs. If you really want them, plenty of after market stuff now available...
  7. You'll find that even an LED reverse bulb will still remain 'pants' LOL I went a different route so I could see when reversing!
  8. No bumping allowed, but we'll let you off this time LOL (Only joking, bump away) Surprised no one has answered this, I have the same car as you so am interested in the answer, (just in case!)...
  9. I know it's been mentioned, but I'm another fan of DMB, my front badge looks factory, and really neatened up the grill...
  10. I'm unsure what you mean by, 'the center insert' has snapped. If that's the case, shouldn't it just pull off if it is no longer threaded onto the gear stick?
  11. The 80mm one specifies for, ' 5-door with mini spare wheel or tyre repair kit ...'. So if you have a space saver wheel, I guess this is the one. If you have a full sized spare wheel, I guess the other one will fit. Anyway, there's a link on each listing for 'customer service' help, if you're still unsure, ask them LOL
  12. These links have photos. 2048997 2039791
  13. Now, if it were me, I would grab hold of that black plastic tab whilst turning the 'nut', instinctively, I feel it is turning just because of the friction between it and that odd looking socket thing you appear to have. I can see no reason why it has an internal thread, apart from attaching something else inside it like an additional connection for the aerial, perhaps multi purpose like a GPS signal?? I wonder if your aerial is a standard 'radio' aerial or something more fancy? Hey, in addition, if it was my car, I would take it to my local guy who knows stuff, rather than me eventually bodging it, which as sure as a virus second spike, would happen!
  14. I was going to make the exact same observation!