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  1. I despise FaceBook with a passion, and they also own whatsapp, so won't go near any 'social media' as I consider them all to be nothing more than data mining operations LOL
  2. It is an open phone - totally unlocked. Who buys a locked phone these days? LOL
  3. I only have the option of 3G & 4G... Could be my only option, but ironically, I just bought a like for like replacement phone 2 months ago as current one was acting up (though now working fine!)
  4. Thanks for that, actually hadn't seen that page. I did phone EE earlier today, and yes, they simply tried to sell me a new phone (no loyalty discount, or help for them removing my service) LOL 🤣 Well, what did I expect...
  5. Tom, I pay £6/month for unlimited calls & texts, and 2Gb data (I've never used more than 0.5Gb LOL) The plan suits me perfectly. The few neighbours I've asked all use WiFi calling as the signal is so poor. A couple of weeks back a visiting friend on Vodafone asked for my WiFi password so he could call work! I'd love to keep the status quo, but EE have other ideas...
  6. I live in a rural area, mobile signal is pretty non existent. However, I have used with massive success my EE 3G box which plugs into my router to give me a 5 bar strength bubble in my house. EE just sent me an email to tell me that it will stop working in 4 weeks (really short notice!). So, is there another generic box I can get to provide a secure signal bubble in my house? My mum recently had a stroke and my phone has been a lifeline to ensure all her current care is contactable. I can't afford to spend more money, I have no disposable income and haven't even turned my heating on in 3 months, so is there a cheap option considering my phone is not WiFi compatible, so basically I'm scr*wed - thanks EE
  7. To be honest, if you can use a junior hacksaw, all you need is a bit of foam/polystyrene which is usually thrown out in terms of packing. Time to scrounge from a local shop/warehouse!
  8. In the interest of balance, we should now hear from an owner whose hatch broke off due to them 🤣
  9. Next time it happens while attempting to start the car see if you notice the red immobiliser light flashing continuously ... If so, it is likely to be an instrument cluster fault. (It may need s relatively easy to obtain repair of re soldering) The cluster is central to many operations of the car, and preventing it starting is one of the symptoms.
  10. I don't know what your point is. You can put 'red diesel' into a diesel car - doesn't make it legal though...
  11. I look forward to when they agree a quota rather than a total ban - I have my 'bookmark' post all ready to go, the "I told you so" one...🤣
  12. The gas formulation was changed thanks to the environmental nutters - refilling with incorrect gas that did not come with the car is illegal, and no reputable mechanic would have entertained the idea.
  13. Fingers crossed, but over the years, I've had repairs done to 5 different cars for A/C, the most common fault was the condenser, not disastrous, but an expense you can do without. On 2 cars it was the compressor, on both occasions a used Ebay item did the trick. (On one, a Celica GT4 the dealer wanted £1200 for a compressor, Ebay got me one for £50 which lasted 7 years till I sold the car still working). My current Focus also had a £30 Ebay compressor on it fitted 3 years ago, still icy cold. Oh, and a new condenser as well! As Tom already said, the key is to get a proper A/C guy as you don't want to be paying for the learning curve of a general mechanic, they've seen it all and can usually diagnose pretty quick.
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