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  1. StephenFord

    Second year service

    Will that change after 29th March?? Only joking LOL
  2. StephenFord

    How accurate is the fuel gauge?

    I brimmed my tank yesterday, and the needle sat bang on the maximum notch on the gauge, just as expected. However, on traveling 42 miles (for the sake of argument, roughly a gallon of fuel) the gauge as can be seen has dipped quite alot. I've done MPG tests in the past and 35mpg was average. Is the fuel gauge just horribly pessimistic?
  3. StephenFord

    Second year service

    List of participating dealers... Free roadside assistance dealers...
  4. StephenFord


    I have a Celica GT4 which is fitted with a full body kit, 18" wheels, and a few engine mods. Elephant didn't charge me a penny extra when I declared them all, though being an old f**t may have aided in the decision as I'm far too old to be a boy racer - honest! LOL
  5. StephenFord

    Second year service

    If your 'dealer' has plush marble flooring, dedicated reception staff, and free coffee/snacks, look elsewhere. You are paying for all that...😀
  6. StephenFord

    Focus Electric Windows

    I know this post is almost a year old, but the 'memory' of the window needs re-set. Simply hold the 'up' button for an additional 3 seconds after it shuts, that'll fix the 'error'.
  7. StephenFord

    How to replace slver handbrake release button?

    All done, nice and shiny! Removing the old button is a destructive process, so don't just experiment if yours is in good condition! Use a slim flat blade screwdriver, and place in between the black rubber lever, and the plastic button. You can then start to wiggle it out, where it will kindly break and self destruct. Just proceed to remove all the bits including maybe levering the bottom too. Putting the new bit in is a simple push fit, but be careful to orientate it so the longer bit is upper most. You need to jab it with the palm of your hand till you hear both top & bottom clips locate themselves. Now, £13 is extortionate for a tiny bit of plastic, but, there you go... Part No. F1447426
  8. StephenFord

    How to replace slver handbrake release button?

    Bump. Picking part up this afternoon and would be grateful for any fitting tips from anyone that has done it before...
  9. StephenFord

    How to replace glove box light Focus Mk2?

    Well, that was certainly easier once all 7 bolts are removed! Still a palava just to get access to replace a bulb, but I'm very pleased with my LED replacement...
  10. StephenFord

    How to replace slver handbrake release button?

    This is the reason I asked, looks as if it should be simple, but I've been fooled before LOL Handbrake button - Ebay
  11. The handbrake release button on my handbrake is cosmetically cracked & broken, though it still works. Is it easy to replace or do you need to dismantle the whole handbrake mechanism to do so? Did a search here but couldn't find anything...
  12. StephenFord

    How to replace glove box light Focus Mk2?

    No worries, mine though definitely has them... ...
  13. StephenFord

    How to replace glove box light Focus Mk2?

    Wow, what a fabulous piece of advice, thank you. I've just gone out with a torch and can confirm I totally missed those 2 x 'latch' bots as they are slightly recessed and I just never noticed them. Indeed the earlier '5 screw' mention did confuse the situation! I will try again in daylight, but I'm confident now with your help that I can remove the box. So glad I didn't try to lever it out earlier, I would have made a right mess! See, a little knowledge can be dangerous LOL
  14. StephenFord

    How to replace glove box light Focus Mk2?

    Abject failure! Got round to trying this small task earlier, removed the 5 x T25 screws no problem. Then, on trying to remove the internal glove box, it wouldn't budge! The bottom feels as if it would wiggle out, but the top appears to be held in so tight, it doesn't' move a single mm. I was contemplating using a flathead screwdriver, but the plastic is that cheap that I know I would only end up marking it. So after 20 minutes of struggle, I just gave up. I still maintain it's an awful design to replace a bulb. All Ford needed to do was cut the light aperture into a large enough rectangle to allow a couple of fingers in to do the task. For lowly models like mine, you could have just keep it a hole, and for posher model, you could have put a light diffuser on it! Just like they did in the luggage compartment. I'm sure they had their reasons for doing it like they did (probably cost), but my goodness it's irritating!
  15. StephenFord

    Smallest mod ever? LOL

    mmm... nice heating buttons! You've put my mind at rest now after ordering same.