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  1. I'm assuming the original handbook is no longer with the car, if radio has a code, it's usually written inside cover. This may be of help... https://radiocodeford.com/free
  2. LOL, "Tree Huggers" - yep, for generations solder had lead added to it, and worked just perfectly. Then Ford decided it was killing too many dolphins so they took it out. Hence the new lead free formula worked fine, for a bit, then deteriorated to the extent it didn't properly conduct electricity! Still, a whole new business has sprung up curing Ford's error, every cloud, eh? Looking forward to how all the 'green' materials will fail over time on the new battery cars LOL
  3. I do prattle on a bit about it LOL OK, you should consider the Maypole 7423 charger, a feature rich charger for very little money. I've been using one for a few years now and have no hesitation in recommending it!
  4. That's what I do on my own 16 year old car (2005 Mk2 petrol) Though splashed out a few months ago on brakes/suspension tidy ups too!
  5. I stopped wearing one on 21st June, BoJo's original 'freedom day', turns out I was exempt from wearing one all along, who knew LOL
  6. I actually take in excess of 100 x tablets/week. I have no issue following sensible advice - it's the stupid advice I have big issues with LOL
  7. I have no idea why the government insists on wasting literally £Billions on testing healthy people...
  8. I have never waited in my life after a vaccination - despite any recommendations to do so, waste of time! LOL
  9. I have no fear of needles (being a diabetic with daily insulin injections), but a combined flu/booster would certainly be very handy for me.
  10. Yep, the 'O' ring is what often fails (see attached of one of my failures) If you do get a new seal, make sure it's a genuine Ford part (pretty cheap), it has a specific chamfered edge which generic seals won't have!
  11. What a great design feature! Ford definitely on form with that one... 🤣
  12. It's unlikely to be the 'clips', most common fault is a £3 'O' ring that joins the pipe to the matrix. Mine has gone twice! It is a DIY repair for some on this forum, but if you're an armchair mechanic, (like me LOL), you'll need to get a garage to fix, though I would have to dissuade you on a main Ford dealer as they are so horrendously expensive. If I had a 3rd failure, I would go for a permanent repair of cutting an inch off the end of each pipe, and rejoin with quality hose/jubilee clips doing away with that stupid seal altogether!
  13. If it looks like this, it's an AUX!
  14. Was there a live sporting event on at the time? (Tennis/football/horse racing?). Maybe they charged you for time spent watching it LOL 🤣
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