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  1. mmm... 29th March, Brexit Day - good luck buddy...😀
  2. Apologies buddy, I don't have a smartphone, so just assumed that everyone got the full forum experience...
  3. In the last few weeks I have had to top up my coolant with about 2 liters. Each time I fill to 'max' and on checking again a week later, level has dropped again. Obviously it's going somewhere, but I haven't been able to even see a drip on my driveway though it's been that wet that may be hidden by our rain! Any likely suspects you can suggest? Temperature gauge remains totally at 'normal'.
  4. Just thought I'd post a photo of the water issue in action in case anyone trips over this thread via a search and wonders what the fuss is about!
  5. Yes it is - the OP was just taking the p**s out of us all LOL 🤣
  6. OK, now you're just taking the p**s! LOL 😀
  7. This morning I went to open the boot of my MK2 Focus, on pressing the 'boot' button, nothing. Bugger, well at least it opened on the general unlock button. On getting back home, I tried again, then remembering that on my Merc, you need to hold the button in for several seconds, but again nothing, Then tried to do a diagnosis in my head. The other buttons on the remote work perfectly so unlikely to be a battery. so a last resort, looked up the owners manual to see if there was a 'what to do if it didn't work' bit. Then I saw it - you have to press the button twice in succession within 3 seconds! Honestly folks, try your best not to get old, it can make an awful fool of yourself! 🤣
  8. Those McGards are excellent as I've used a set myself for over 20 years, excellent quality. Though the OP asked about replacement wheel nuts in general, not locking ones?
  9. As a consumer of older cars, I could care less about 'main dealer' service stamps! Save yourself the money and DIY, or just use a competent indie garage. As long as the main things like oil & filters are done, which you can provide receipts for, that would do me...
  10. I get the appeal of using the 'factory' option, however, if you simply want a nice practical bright footwell LED, you can get LEDs for a couple of pounds on Ebay, and simply splice them into the interior courtesy light circuit. They even fade out just as the factory light does!
  11. I believe it's the 100ps 1.6 petrol engine...
  12. I have just noticed (though it could have been doing it for ages), that the electric fan on the radiator stays on 4 to 5 minutes after I switch the engine off following a drive. Temp gauge shows normal, is this normal or a sign of impending doom? (2005 Mk2 LX)
  13. On visiting a shopping center this morning, I noticed 2 x Mk2 Focus as I walked back to my rain soaked car. On both I saw that they had the exact same 'fault' I described with a gathering of water on the bottom RHS of the rear screen. I'm now prepared to accept this is now a design 'quirk' rather than a fault! 🧐
  14. Some 'before' and 'after' photos would be good...