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  1. Never knew what a 'pawl' was but just googled, many thanks for expanding my vocabulary...😁
  2. Yes, pretty sure those shell suits didn't help matters 🤣
  3. mmm... my friends old Allegro (brown of course) with luxury velour seats were a prime source of static. LOL
  4. Oh dear I have a tartan blanket (just for winter emergencies you understand! Though I haven't seen a static shock hanger for over 30 years 😁 I like your dad... By the way, I hope you noticed that I searched for a proper matching 'blue' reflector not just ordinary red - I have standards you know LOL
  5. 'Pop out door protectors'... Just wondered if mine count? They were a £2.60 non standard option LOL Guaranteed never to go faulty. 😀
  6. Got this on a google search. I'm sure there are more... doesn't need to be Powerflow
  7. Wow, that 'test' is the most feeble thing I've heard LOL (31 minutes, 40 seconds)
  8. I got a custom exhaust made years ago for a previous car by 'powerflow'. Although on the same island, it's 300 miles round trip away from you! I would suggest you google, 'custom exhausts' to find a builder in your area, and discuss your requirements directly with them There are so many options you can choose from noise levels, different boxes, to exhaust trim (the fun bit, square, oval, twin etc) Mine was about £400 but I was younger and more foolish then LOL
  9. In the words of that famous Ford Focus philosopher, Sherlock Holmes, " It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth..." I have my fingers crossed on your weekend project!.
  10. Well, on my Mk2, I feel this would be a considerable upgrade! LOL
  11. Well, the positive thing is you can try it anytime, it's not as if you'll disturb anyone LOL
  12. Just giving this thread a bump. Has anyone upgraded the horn in a Mk2? Used my horn again today, and wanted to crawl into the boot of my car from embarrassment!
  13. LOL, 15 minutes till a naysayer tells tales of woe with windscreen crack 🤣 I think that's a record!
  14. In 4 decades, I've never 'scraped' ice off in my life. Am I the only one that uses a watering can full of warm water? Yes, I know there'll be those quivering in their boots saying that the windscreen will shatter, but it doesn't, ever, and the ice melts instantly. 😀
  15. I'm sorry, I can't resist. My mum (now in her 80s), for decades always taught me that the amazing thing about common sense is, that it's really not that common! 🤣