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  1. Yeah, I know LOL The link you posted was in the email alert we got! Oh well, your heart was in the right place, even if you did select a hob with the now fashionable, though useless single LED to cover 4 x hobs! 😀
  2. That's the thing, you can get a perfectly serviceable hob for around £100, but even if you go up to £300+, I still can't see one that will show you what hobs are live and which aren't! I feel we had our 'Concorde' moment, and it's all downhill now LOL
  3. It's a Homark, I have already searched and can't see one like it. Just thought it would be sensible to have a light for each hob, kinda like having just one central indicator on your car and letting folk have a guess which way you're turning LOL
  4. I have had my oven hob for over 25 years, never missed a beat. My mums 'new' one (3 years old) now needs replaced and I want to get her one like mine (photo attached) . I want a NON ceramic electric hob, 4 x rings, with an individual LEDs representing each hob. Have searched for ages now and can't find one. They all seem to think that one LED is sufficient. Maybe a genuine, 'they don't make'em like they use to!' Any you guys aware of what I'm looking for?
  5. Don't give it a second thought, easy done LOL 😀
  6. Northern Ireland as I understand, didn't adopt it till later...
  7. My mum's 81, she never passed (!) The driving test hadn't been invented when she got her license! LOL
  8. Wow, you must be ancient, I passed mine in 1979 LOL It's a wonder how we've survived at all without DRLs, ABS brakes, car radar sensors, high level brake lights, xenon bulbs, air bags etc etc...🤣
  9. DRLs were developed by Volvo in the 70s. You're probably not old enough but it was quite common then to flash your lights at a Volvo to warn them that they had left their sidelights on LOL There was much research to show that it did significantly increase the visibility of cars in daylight especially when pulling out of road junctions, hence like so many Volvo safety advances, was adopted by car manufacturers worldwide. (They also did the first 3rd high level rear brake light). Now, having rear lights on as well I must confess not being in agreement, in the understanding that if you cannot already see the car in front, you really shouldn't be driving!
  10. Wow, out of interest, just searched for one for my Mk2 (don't need one, just curious) and you can get one for about £20. However, go to a Mk3 and they leap to £70! I increasingly like the idea of gluing a scrap of MDF then spraying satin black LOL
  11. Indeed, then use the old 'used car' trick of a couple of coats of satin black, it'll look like new...
  12. I buy off Ebay regularly, it never dawned on me to get one there! Thanks for the nudge...
  13. LED brake lights in theory should last the life of the car, but they don't. When you are next following a BMW, just count how many of their little LED lights don't work, Mercedes are better, but still, anything 7 years + will start to fail. There are exceptions in that my 18 year old 'C' class had every LED working perfectly, it's just everything else electrical on the car broke LOL. In my opinion, a 4 year old car is just on the cusp of giving issue. If they are LED lights, maybe you could upgrade to old fashioned, cheap. and easily replaceable tungsten bulbs 🤣
  14. Hey, I'll swap you a box of TicTacs for a RADAR key! My council has been out of stock for months on those pesky things LOL
  15. I wish I could use PhotoShop properly, that's a great image! And yes, who wouldn't want a Blue Peter badge LOL (I actually got one in the late '60s for sending in a painting, but it's long gone!)