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  1. I have the same car, it'll start with everything turned on! My gut says that despite your battery test, a new battery will sort you out...
  2. Do you have a spare key you could try?
  3. Just me or do others hate the fact that 'photofuckit' have destroyed a whole internets worth of really informative threads!!
  4. Geeze, I can't believe £800 for a Focus headlamp! That's pretty scandalous. Sorry buddy, not much help I know, but I almost got my whole car for that! What a disgrace. Surely in this era of environmental fanaticism, there must be a workshop somewhere than can repair the 10p bit rather than throwing a whole unit in the bin?
  5. Not exactly Forscan, but old school will work just as well...
  6. Matt, stop being such a spoilsport! LOL I wouldn't change mine back to the Victorian type ones if you paid me! My LED sidelights are brighter than the headlamps in my first car, though that was 40 years ago 🤣
  7. Send these guys a message stating your car, superb quality! Used them in a previous Mercedes, and I've had them in my Focus for over a year now, and still bright as ever and rock solid. Don't buy cheap Chinese ones, you'll have nothing but hassle, and the good ones aren't big money anyway!
  8. Pretty sure the answer is no, it's a stupid design. You may find this thread of interest where I and the poster installed new sockets!
  9. I too have front wheel spin, especially noticeable this morning on an icy road! But occasionally in wet too. I have the absolute cheapest budget tyres fitted, and it really doesn't concern me. I reckon it's my cars way of telling me to slow down and not drive stupidly LOL I have owned much more powerful cars in the past, and driving on the limit was fun. Now I just want to get from A to B and am prepared to accept my cars limitations. I'm sure someone will suggest buying premium brand tyres at £100/corner good luck with that...
  10. You can never have too many sockets! From my new single switched one, I now have access to 6 x sockets and a USB slot. I can now run my: TPMS & DAB Radio & Bluetooth Handsfree & SatNav & phone charger. Of course all you modern guys will have all this built in!
  11. Here's an alternative, seconds to fit onto door card, £2 off Ebay LOL
  12. I have to tell you mine certainly goes off automatically after about 10 minutes. Can't believe there are any cars where it stays on. It draws a big current and even as a safety issue, should switch itself off...
  13. I've always said that if you have a bunch of cable ties, some gaffer tape, and a can of WD40 in the boot, you'll always get home... 😂
  14. I too had a disappointing experience with WBAC, they also reneged on a 'guaranteed' price on my old C class Merc because they said I never told them it had an LPG conversion, even though I had email proof that they knew! Shower of to*&$%s! Good luck with the puggie...