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  1. You also gotta love Rowan for another fact. He holds the UK record for the highest monetary insurance claim of £910,000 when he crashed his McLaren F1 in 2011 - legend!
  2. Really interesting article by Rowan Atkinson on electric vehicles. He's not just a 'celebrity;, but has a degree in electrical engineering, and admittedly is a die hard petrolhead, owning many exotic and expensive cars. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jun/03/electric-vehicles-early-adopter-petrol-car-ev-environment-rowan-atkinson
  3. So, let me clarify. F1 tires have enormous grip, because they are so soft and malleable, but because they do, they wear out in about 40 laps (just over 100 miles). But if you use the 'wet' tire on a dry track, they wear out even faster? Crikey, who knew - excellent bit of information that. After watching F1 for over 50 years, I never picked up on that bit of tire philosophy LOL
  4. So let me clarify, you can either have good wet weather handling, OR, a good wear rate, but not both? 🤣
  5. I have experience of 2 x different windscreen mounted DAB aerials. Both have been simply awful. My issue was solved by a £10 Halfords DAB MagMount aerial. Not the prettiest, but I'd have functionality as a priority any day...
  6. Oh f*&%, the government really should get their finger out and rescind all that nonsense!
  7. Now I'm really confused, that appears to be an EU directive - haven't we left the EU??
  8. I actually wrote to 'Coke' about the issue and they quoted that their research showed that some morons threw the bottle out without the lid, so they decided to attach it, they didn't quote me any regulations? Maybe they just wanted to take credit for a nanny, woke decision in thinking we're all too dumb to screw the lid back on before recycling it!
  9. I absolutely hate the new style of screw top in drinks bottles where the screw top is tethered on! It gets in the way if you drink from the bottle, and it often doesn't allow a smooth screw back on often cross threading so the drink goes flat! Stupid idea and the inventor should be shot! I now simply cut the top off, and treat it like a proper screw top!
  10. Being of a certain age, there use to be a surefire way of steaming up my car windows - but I think it may be politically incorrect to mention it 🤣
  11. Wheels? Painted calipers? Tires? LOL
  12. Yep, just found it LOL It's a spare, was going to put it on Ebay, but I never......
  13. I love hearing about this 'subscription' nonsense that Ford use to fleece customers. (£66/year) I get lifetime free map updates, in addition to live traffic alerts. Of course, my 10 year old Garmin SatNav was really expensive at £65, so I would expect such service 😂
  14. Now, are we still on exhausts, or did you accidentally veer into fine wines? LOL
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