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  1. Ford don't seem to do decent reversing lights. I despaired at my Mk2s ability to show me where to go when reversing, but all sorted now.
  2. Wow, you are really taking all this Covid stuff very seriously! LOL You do that after every drive? 🤣
  3. No idea what car it's for as you never specified - for my car, a 2005 Mk2, this is a new one........ this is a used one! This is how it's replaced...
  4. Some of us are risk takers, others risk averse - i would risk it LOL
  5. Unless you get a real 'jobsworth', I would say you'll be fine, at worst, maybe an 'advisory', but once you get the MOT, source a replacement lens from Ebay (used) no need to splash out on fancy Ford prices on such an item...
  6. Pretty sure the Mk3 doesn't have a code. They only served to annoy the owners and never ever stopped the proper theft of a radio! LOL
  7. mmm.. in the same way I guess that Autoliv (Spain) makes Fords airbags, or Webasto Roofs (Germany) make their sunroofs, or NHK Spring (Japan) make many suspension products etc etc. It's branded 'NHS' because that's the service that commissioned it, and the one that consumers will know. Of course, your conspiracy theories are quite entertaining, so don't let me stop you 🤣
  8. LOL, you just reminded me - have now edited my post with new photo at start. Couldn't do without my daily dose of The Independent Republic of Mike Graham (It was TalkRadio moving to DAB+ that caused me all this hassle!)
  9. I installed a Nextbase 250 DAB converter after just getting my car nearly 2 years ago. I fitted it with the supplied ‘windscreen’ aerial, which was sufficient for my modest needs, though only really gave me 80% to 85% reception when driving about.Then disaster happened, my radio station of choice decided to ‘upgrade’ from standard DAB, to DAB+ This then meant that my reception dropped to about 65% to 70%. In an attempt to improve matters.I then installed an ‘active’ DAB splitter which would take the signal from my original roof mount aerial . Being powered (built in amplifier blah blah blah, I had high hopes of an improvement, and I certainly did notice a difference, yes, reception then fell to around 50%. It was truly awful and a total waste of money. I was at a bit of a loss, then I stumbled upon a ‘magnetic’ mount roof aerial for DAB. It was less than £5 (inc P&P) so certainly worth a punt (I had spent over £20 on the ‘splitter between it and various adapters) Really quick to install, maybe not the most attractive addition, however..I now get full reception with no drop outs, much improved over the pathetic windscreen aerial and 'active' splitter! Really wish someone had told me this at the start.🤣 My NextBase DAB converter Pretty useless windscreen aerial... Even more useless powered splitter... And who doesn't like a happy ending - cheap MagMount - perfect!
  10. Wasn't it only released 5 days ago in England & Wales?
  11. Staying 'off topic', I worked for a company in the 90s where they selected a new IT director. To their absolute credit, the person selected came from the pool of operation management and knew very little about IT, however, they did know what us 'op' people needed from their IT, and it worked out incredibly well. No fancy bells & whistles, just reliable data that we needed, and easy to use! (the company's boss still supports a beard and sadly his airline is under much stress right now )
  12. Releasing 'software' is notoriously full of pitfalls. When MicroSoft released Windows 8, it was that full of flaws and bugs it nearly folded them. (They spent 4 years developing it, not a few months) Even the software that is backed by the mighty Ford has numerous glitches as witnessed on this forum when this thing isn't compatible with that thing, and an ever ending stream of 'updates' to solve issues which invariably just cause further different issues LOL I despair at the development of 'driverless cars' for that very reason...
  13. With respect, if the PM had rescued a ship load of abandoned puppies, the press would still be out to get the government. It's just the way the press works. No matter what they do, lock down hard, lock down too soft, give out £Billions to support citizens, not give out enough £Billions, they'll never win in the eyes of the press. mmm... just thought, this post may have a political slant which may not be allowed - if it isn't, please delete..,
  14. Tom, you'll be fine, just get one of these... LOL
  15. If you car starts coughing, I would isolate it for the next 5 days as per government guidelines...🤠