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  1. That's only 3 days away, wouldn't give it another thought, not as if you put diesel in a petrol car LOL, and as stated, you can get that leak sorted at the same time...
  2. Like mjt already said, it should clean up quite well. If it really does go t*ts up though, any decent motor spark, do NOT got to 'Ford' unless you have access to a trust fund (!), will be able to crimp up a new cable and install at relatively little cost...
  3. It's an LED light bar, I think you'll find the 500W is the equivalent rating in halogen term of brightness, the actual draw would be about about 50-80W 🤣
  4. Lucky you, for some reason, despite government rules to the contrary, all my local ones have shut! 😐
  5. I love that light bar! Yes, I'm an old f*rt, but still a boy racer at heart...
  6. I have also had this issue in the past, all the 'discount' stores seem to sell blue 1 liter bottle of coolant top up, not red. At the time of need, I had a yet to be diagnosed heater matrix leak! I did top up quite a lot of a few weeks using the 'wrong' colour. Once I got the heater matrix sorted, the coolant was drained, flushed, and returned to a nice bright red!
  7. Tom, just to let you know, the car in question at the time was a 22 year old Celica GT4, however, it was a Toyota LOL So I guess I was lucky 😄...
  8. Correct, I am talking from experience as In the last few years I have had the misfortune to have had critical illness on 2 occasions, both putting me out of action for more than 3 months. Both times my car started first time on my return with no issues...
  9. With respect, if you car cannot survive a 12 weeks hibernation, then you have bigger issues to worry about.
  10. If you are using something heavy in 'juice', like a fan heater, yes, you should fully uncoil an extension lead, but to be honest, a battery charger will use much less than 1A so there will be no issue if you don't uncoil it. Bet you unplug your TV at night too just in case LOL
  11. 0.3A does indicate about 4W of power. That does seem a tad high for a 'dash' light...
  12. I posted this over a year ago, seems like the dash back light staying on is normal...
  13. If you are in the market, I can recommend the Maypole 7423, it has a lovely feature which many lack in that if you have a power cut, it will return automatically to charge when power is resumed. If you leave a car on charge and go on holiday, you'll see how useful that is LOL (most will need a manual restart!)