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  1. I believe that apparently, they use some extract of Bovril, and some free rang eggs, with a hint of white spirit, and freshly ground herbs 🤣 I heard it down the pub (the Nags Head), off a guy called Rodney, who got it from his brother Del, who heard it from his Uncle Albert, who was in the war, so knows a thing or two about stuff.
  2. In November 2020, it was widely claimed on social media, including this Facebook post with over 160,000 views, that the AstraZeneca vaccine contains MRC-5 cells from lung tissue of a male fetus which was aborted in the 1960s. This specific claim has been fact checked by Associated Press, Full Fact, Politifact, Reuters and Snopes and found to be false.
  3. Social media is a wicked source of much mis 'information' accurately portrayed by your word, 'apparently'... (More suited to posting photos of what you had for breakfast!) https://factcheckni.org/articles/covid-19-vaccines-and-aborted-fetuses/
  4. mmm... My 'hot water' solution is much cheaper for me LOL Best of luck with the new ride...
  5. Nope, the heater matrix is not an 'easy fix' LOL If you're lucky, it'll be the pipe that leads into the heater matrix (very common fault), as from the posted thread above, there is a small seal that is a weak point. The seal from Ford is about £4, getting to it is about 2 to 3 hours labour! If it is the heater matrix itself (unlikely though), it's a dash out job!
  6. mmm... 2 x newbies, asked and answered! Welcome to the forum guys...
  7. What makes the garage think it's coming from behind the dash? If it is, could be a leak from the heater matrix pipes where it connects to the matrix (a common Focus failure)...
  8. Well, there's an image I'm stuck with for the rest of the day - thanks Tom LOL
  9. Your choice, I got my flu jab 3 months ago, and can't wait to get my Covid one!
  10. I'm not missing the point at all! If you live in the UK, the government is not going to send police to your home, tie you down, and force a vaccine on you! (unless you are some nutter conspiracy theorist LOL) If you want to travel elsewhere (YOUR choice), then you'll have to comply with whatever country regulation you seek to visit.
  11. I'm sitting here laughing! Yes, really! You are in charge of your body and what happens to it (as long as you are conscious and compos mentis). In the past, I have refused chemo therapy, just because a Dr says you need something, you don't have to do it!
  12. Why on earth would you have NO choice to take the Covid vaccine? Of course you have a choice, you can simply say no thanks...
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