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  1. I'm shocked, From the BBC?? 😂
  2. Tom, that is just weird, the internet is full of cr*p, but for the life of me, I can't find a clip showing that engine destruction! Maybe Ford took out some kind of injunction in case folk got the idea that their engines blow up 🤣
  3. Must admit, I enjoyed that scene, if anything, it reinforced to me how important oil is!
  4. Made famous by the inimitable James May on his Tesla...
  5. Not mine either, but, if you click on that link above, then click on the authors name, it allows you to view the 1st page, and if you scroll down you'll be able to see the BBC four minute clip...
  6. Go into her make up drawer and grab some nail polish remover!
  7. As from above thread, my front driver side speaker stopped working. In total anger one trip, I slapped the speaker grill, it burst into life LOL So, I've still to change it!
  8. There is nothing inherently wrong with the CTEK apart from them being horrendously overpriced! If you have loads of disposable income, sure, go ahead. However, if you're normal the 'Maypole' offers virtually the same functionality for so much less. Many on here now have one in their man shed!
  9. James May has reportedly bought the first batch 😂
  10. Maybe due to the forum's BS filter 🤣 Range anxiety is just one issue with EVs Increasingly, with modern petrol cars, the emissions are now that low that the actual particulate emissions of the tires/brakes have overtaken what comes out the tail pipe. Also, you just can't escape that the mass production of 600Kg Lithium Ion batteries is simply not 'green'. There is no way an infrastructure of chargers will support such a crossover, and this is increasingly talked about in the way that the 2030 deadline is likely to be extended. The increased weight of EVs at approaching 2 tones will deteriorate our roads infrastructure, as well as bridges & car parks. The whole ethos is just ill thought out.
  11. This was reported 3 years ago... https://thedriven.io/2020/08/14/three-unmodified-kona-electrics-drive-more-than-1000km-on-single-charge/
  12. I do like getting my 'premium forum membership' renewal invoice, and paying it by return - I feel a right smug git now! LOL 😂
  13. Oh, I remember using one of those in my physics class at school! Great bit of kit!
  14. Yes, but it took him 30 years to find a great Belfast workforce to build it LOL
  15. I definitely remember the Bulldog, as I have always been a petrolhead! Also being from NI I also remember thinking it was very similar to a DeLorean...
  16. That seems rather drastic. If it's some type of moulding that has broken, can't you initiate some kind of minor repair? As already stated, a photo would be really hand. When writing a response, look at the bottom of the text box where you'll see a paperclip icon. Hit the 'choose files' and locate a photo from whatever device you're using.
  17. The good news with such an old unit, is they are as cheap as anything on Ebay. My own was replaced at a cost of £20, yours is a bit newer, probably £25+. Even as a diagnostic tool, it may be worth ponying up for one as a spare! Make sure it comes with the PIN...
  18. eerrr... me too guv, honest...
  19. Just in case anyone watched Holly earlier, a couple of things to help you over the experience... 🤣
  20. Interesting that they have extended the 'durability' testing for cars from 5 years to 10 years. I wonder how they'd feel on my 18 year old car! LOL If I drove it for another 18 years, it would still have a lower carbon footprint than buying one new car!
  21. Apparently, new proper car engines are so clean, that the emissions caused by 'tires' is far more significant. It's a shame that government has totally stuck their collective head in the sand over the emissions that cars actually cause. I suppose EVs being so much heavier, that in years to come, the government will ban them as the particulates shooting of the strained tires kill even more dolphins than petrol fumes ever did... https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jun/03/car-tyres-produce-more-particle-pollution-than-exhausts-tests-show
  22. Not since gaining my 20m breast stroke swimming badge have I been so proud! 😀
  23. You also gotta love Rowan for another fact. He holds the UK record for the highest monetary car insurance claim of £910,000 when he crashed his McLaren F1 in 2011 - legend!
  24. Really interesting article by Rowan Atkinson on electric vehicles. He's not just a 'celebrity;, but has a degree in electrical engineering, and admittedly is a die hard petrolhead, owning many exotic and expensive cars. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jun/03/electric-vehicles-early-adopter-petrol-car-ev-environment-rowan-atkinson
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