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  1. NI carry out MOTs differently to you. Over here, all MOT centers are government run, they are not 'garages' and carry out no repairs, simply do the mandated test impartially with it all documented on pretty HiTech computer equipment. So there is no incentive to tout for business by saying something failed just to gain the profit from repairing it. All personnel have to pass a 'poker face' test though as during the test, their facial expression gives absolutely no clue whatsoever how your car is getting on! LOL 🤣
  2. Impossible to give an exact, or close call. I would budget 4 to 6 hours labour (whatever your garage charges/hour) and this link may give you some idea of a 'skim'. Of course, you'll need whatever parts are needed too. But like I said, you'll need to maybe get a few local quotes before deciding what to do. Oh, I'm sure you know don't go near a 'main dealer' LOL
  3. 40 odd years ago, I use to stress about MOTs, trying to get everything checked, and it was all a waste of time, it always failed from something that just blindsided you. Now, I just put the car in for MOT and then get fixed what they say needs fixed. No stress, and a perfect 'pass' 2nd go! Good luck buddy, you'll be fine...
  4. Must admit, if it is 'just' the head gasket, even with a skim, £1500 seems steep?
  5. Looks like a WW2 relic, I love it! The most dangerous thing I ever measure is battery voltage, never go near mains, it scares me LOL
  6. Quite possible, it's been ages since I used that particular meter so was swapping leads/dial all over the place LOL I should have stuck to my cheap easy to use multimeter but was too lazy to go upstairs and get it! (As well as waiting for neighbour, have just ordered 5 x each fuse for £2.50 in total on Ebay!
  7. With the use of my 'working' multimeter, I have narrowed down the fault. It wasn't the internal 9v battery, nor the cables (as they work on a continuity test). On opening her up, there are 2 x internal fuses, one of them 250mA/300V, and the other a 10A/300V one - both of them have failed (odd that)! I have a neighbour now examining his 'man drawer' as he thinks he may have some replacements for me 😁
  8. I have 2 x multi meters, one works perfectly, but I cannot for the life of me get the attached one to measure a simple car battery voltage! Are the cables plugged into the right sockets, and where should the dial be located? Take pity on an eejit, I know I'm doing something stupid! LOL
  9. I've always had a healthy disdain of authority, and I'm now of an age where I don't give a fig LOL
  10. It was by far the best car 'option' I ever had on my 1990 RS Turbo, agree it should be standard!
  11. Aren't you 'exempt'? 😉 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/791/contents/made
  12. Ironic that, 'global warming', and we're complaining about an icy windscreen 🤣
  13. Not with my family!! My 84 year old mum has already missed out the last one, she ain't got many left.I don't care what our f*ckin' government mandates, we'll be together at Christmas - screw 'em! We are all double jabbed and boostered. I know speaking from others, they all have the same opinion, we've had enough, can't wrap us up in cotton wool forever...
  14. Won't effect those of us that are exempt. Like I said before, Austria went into full lockdown last week, and they have mandated proper medical FFP2 masks since January 2021. It's almost as if masks don't work outside a legitimate medical environment...
  15. OK, hands up all those infinitely more terrified of our government, than a new variant of covid??
  16. This morning taking the other half out for some retail therapy, my TPMS alarm alerted me that my rear passenger tire was in trouble, it had lost 5 pounds in 3 miles. So, I dropped her off at a shop, then drove 300yds to a known independent standalone tire shop. Disappointed to see a few cars in front of me, but after just 5 minutes, the guy waved me in front, I got out of the car as he was pushing the jack up trolley to the appropriate tire. I said I hadn't even told him what was wrong yet, he pointed to my tire and said, you have a puncture, right? I looked at the tire and it was pretty much flat. He worked his magic with the soapy water, then walked towards me. Here we go I thought, he'll be suggesting a new tire now. But, he told me it was the valve stem, and showed me the fault. The darn thing had totally split at the base! Could have been the original 16 year old one! Anyway, 5 minutes later I was driving back out - total cost, £5, yep, I like repairs like that!
  17. Potential side effects of a very common drug... conditions of excess stomach acid secretion irritation of the stomach or intestines nausea vomiting heartburn stomach cramps a type of blood disorder where the red blood cells burst called hemolytic anemia anemia a decrease in platelet clotting large purple or brown skin blotches decreased blood platelets low levels of white blood cells bleeding within the skull bleeding bronchospasm stomach or intestinal ulcer blood coming from *nus damage to the liver and inflammation bleeding of the stomach or intestines a type of kidney inflammation called interstitial nephritis inflammation of the skin due to an allergy hives Yep,you've guessed - Aspirin! Anything you take inside your body has the potential do do something untoward to somebody, however, I don't hear the clamor and outcry to stop Aspirin...
  18. Yep, Asda had Pineapple on roll back to 80p from £1.45! Great stuff... 😁
  19. Am unsure why it won't let you? At the bottom of the text box when composing a message, you will see the option to, 'choose files'. Click on the words, then navigate to your photo and then upload it. Then click on the thumbnail to insert it in post. Forgive me if that's what you are doing and for some tech reason it's just not working for you...
  20. What a dilemma. Extinction Rebellion, who I despise, are holding protests today specifically against Black Friday, including at some Amazon distribution centers. Want to give them a pat on the back, but it does make my skin crawl! 🤣 https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1527287/manchester-airport-news-extinction-rebellion-protest-amazon-warehouse-black-friday Though does seem there is an increasing backlash against this ugly event! https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/nov/21/black-friday-largest-boycott-planned-by-independent-retailers
  21. To be fair, my Mk2 Focus for headlamp removal just needs one bolt removed and a plastic clip depressed and they're out. Though, they did screw up how to open the bonnet in the first place LOL
  22. Years ago my neighbour asked me if I could help him replace a headlamp bulb, as he knew I was 'in to' cars - he wasn't. I spent an age trying to work out how to do it, and I failed. He then took it to a main dealer for replacement where he found out that the whole bumper needed removal for proper access. From memory, it was an old Audi 100? Cr*p car design has been around for ages LOL
  23. Indeed, and I just loved India's response to COP26, where they stated, 'You give us a $Trillion, and we'll think about doing some 'green' environmental measures...'
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