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  1. I’m not sure but I will check when I get back in my car. I thought that there was already a sync 3.4 available and a sync 4 on the way?
  2. Does anyone know what the latest version of Ford Sync is in the UK for the Fiesta MK8? I’m running 3.3. It says there is an update available online. I tried installing it but after the update was competed I checked in the settings and it still says sync version 3.3.
  3. So I’ve heard a lot of people have had an oil leak with the new ST. Does anyone know where it comes from and if it’s the same on all the ST’s i.e. is there a faulty part that is causing this?
  4. I have noticed that the SYNC 3 system freezes when I go to a couple of specific locations. I'm running the latest software 3.3. There is a particular car park and every time I go there my screen freezes. even if I reboot the system in the car park it still freezes but if I drive a couple of hundred feet down the road it works perfectly. The same thing happens at a big roundabout I go through sometimes. the only thing I can think is it is something to do with radio transmitters or, am I just being stupid? There is a big TV/radio mast near the roundabout I was talking about and the car park is in an industrial estate. I always plug my phone in with Apple CarPlay so I don't know if this is a Ford (blackberry) issue or an Apple issue. Any one know what causes this and is there a fix?
  5. Okay thanks. I thought they would be different. Just wanted to know so in future if I’m buying suspension parts I’ll know they have to be specifically for the ST.
  6. Bit of a random question but does anyone know if the mk8 ST and ST line share the same springs and dampers?
  7. What is the normal operating temperature for the new ST? Mines runs at approx 87-88 degrees C. I only ask this because the temperature gauge goes from 60 to 120 with 90 being right in the middle. The needle on my car sits just below the middle when up to temp. Just wanted to check this is correct because my OCD notices that the needle doesn't sit right in the middle lol.
  8. I haven't experienced this with my car but I will listen out for it now that I know it could be a possible issue
  9. Does anyone know exactly what happens when you change the drive modes? From my understanding sport and race make the exhaust louder, sharpens the throttle response and makes the steering heavier. Am I right in thinking that the only difference between sport and track mode is that the esc goes into reduced mode and the TCS is turned off in track mode? I also don't think that the suspension changes at all between the modes?
  10. Thats annoying! Are there any other files on the USB? It says it needs to be a completely empty USB stick with at least 4GB free. Check the installation guide ( but if it still doesn't work then I think you will have to take it into the garage and get them to do it or you could try it on a different computer and see if that makes any difference.
  11. Seems a bit obvious but have you checked the tyres? Could also be a suspension issue. I would take it to a garage to get it checked like you said. in the meantime try turning of the traction control. That should stop the annoying vibration.
  12. I didn't realise that the WIFI updates aren't available in the EU. Would have thought they would just remove it from the software for the EU cars. I'll turn auto update off and that should get rid off the update message. Maybe the wifi updates will be enabled after Brexit lol 😂 Did you have any luck downloading the v3.3 update file from the ford website?
  13. The other day my car (2019 Fiesta ST) came up saying it needs a software update. I connected it to my wifi and pressed scan for updates. It came up with the loading icon for about a minute and then just stopped. I tried it several times and also tried re-booting by holding down the power button and the skip track button but it still just scans for about a minute then just stops and nothing happens. I went on the Ford website to try and download the latest sync version on a USB drive but, when I enter my VIN number, it says my car does not need an update. The message keeps coming up on the screen when I get in my car saying it needs an update. it is running SYNC 3.3. Is there a newer version or is this the latest version? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. yeah I've heard that happening before
  15. Yeah my thoughts were that the paint protection film is almost as expensive as a complete respray.