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  1. That sounds strange. I hope you find the PS4's a real step up. Christ, that's some going! I bet your average mpg is high 40-mid 50's? My typical commute involves 20-25 or so braking events, unless it's quiet (rarely) or light sequence falls my way (rarely). I've just ticked over 42k miles and the brakes are squeaking a little - I'm wondering what to replace them with (need to check whether just pads of discs and pads), as I'm keen to move away from the stock pads; possibly onto Mintex M144 pads. Also the warranty/my local Ford dealer don't inspire confidence when it comes to knowing warranty stipulations. Do any of you guys have experience with non-stock discs or pads?
  2. That does sound odd. Do you have vibration through the steering wheel at/above certain speeds? I'd be very surprised if the pot holes have caused tyre damage as you say, without cracking or bending the wheels too. I wouldn't like to damage these wheels - they're lovely but also expensive at c.£230ish per wheel!
  3. Matt, The promo is valid until 29th of Feb -
  4. That's a very good wear rate for the mileage! What type of driving do you do? I can say via direct comparison that the Michelin PS4's on the front of my car are even better than the very good CSC5's. I've found the wet grip is very markedly superior to the CSC5's too. Once the rear Pirelli's wear out, I'll be replacing them with PS4's.
  5. Matt, I think Camskill have that promotion on via Michelin at the moment - you can't really go wrong with Michelin, nor the PS4. Do you have pictures of the damaged tyres? Would be interesting to see what has happened, and potential causes. My advice would be to go for PS4's - and to put the newer tyres on the rear, or you'll notice the back end trying to swap round on you as new PS4's have a shed load of grip, compared to worn CSC5's. Hope that helps!
  6. Matt, I've got the Black Edition. Out of interest, how long did your Continental SportContact 5 tyres last? I had mine on for 32k miles - despite my driving style - and only had to replace the two rears due to nails in the tyres/unable to repair. I suspect I'd have got about 40k miles out of the whole set before it got down to 2mm tread. Replaced the two rears in August 2019 as soon as discovered due to needing to drive 200 miles that day - fitted with Pirelli P-Zeros. Not that impressed with them due to wearing roughly 1mm in 3 months, despite being rear tyres on a FWD hatch. Replaced the original two front tyres in October 2019 for Michelin PS4. Cracking tyres in the dry and wet; grip levels subjectively went up; less wheelspin when pulling away/turning whilst applying full power. Supposedly has better wear than all competitors, so I'm hoping for 40k miles out of these. Spend the extra few quid per corner on PS4 tyres and you will notice the difference every time you drive. Camskill are usually the cheapest for me - may be for you too, if you can find a decent tyre fitter which will fit tyres bought elsewhere. Just my 2p worth.
  7. It's a fairly big initial outlay, but it should cover itself financially over 2/3/4 years. It really depends on how mobile you need to be at all times, whether finances allow etc. I'm sure you've looked into it, but if you need any help then let me know/others who have replied here will likely be able to help you out too. If you do it yourself, at least you won't lose a wheel nut...Ha!
  8. That's a good price for that size tyre. Do you have a spare set of wheels for winters on 17s, or do you swap them over on your usual wheels twice per year?
  9. Never heard of them - Camskill typically only brought up Pirelli tyres for 205/40 R17 and they weren't cheap - think they were £120ish per tyre before fitting. May I ask how much yours were? The Continental TS860 in 195/55 R15 are a HUGE improvement in terms of comfort - it's so much more absorbent of bumps now! I've not encountered snow yet but have had below-freezing ground temperatures and the car feels no different to driving on a warm, sunny day (but then I'm not driving exactly the same); If I had my summers on, below 4 degrees and I could definitely feel them become less pliant and grippy.
  10. Fair points raised by both sides for and against winter tyres. Personally, I could afford to purchase winter wheels and tyres - therefore I did, and I'm happy with the initial outlay. I think the tyres will last me well; I tend to drive most often for work when it's pretty cold (any time between 2300-0900) so the weather can be chilly at those hours. I also didn't struggle to drive on my summers during the snow we had in March - but I certainly didn't enjoy the lack of control on occasion; and if needed to avoid someone rear-ending me, I'd have been unable to manoeuvre my way out of trouble. What tyres did you go for?
  11. Quite enjoying the feel of the car on fatter sidewall tyres - it is a lot more comfortable than on standard wheels and tyres. Been between +4/-4 day/night since Saturday and the car has felt nothing but planted. Also noticed my mpg going up; usually when it is this cold, it drops by a few mpg and the coolant temp gauge takes a lot longer to get to usual temp (which is still the case) but the mpg is going up. Be interesting to see what I get when I do a 200 mile journey in a couple of weeks.
  12. Yeah, thank you. Now all I need to do is get my 16th wheel nut back from Ford...Thankfully they're only down the road from me, or this would get a bit tedious 😅
  13. MK7.5 Black Edition. By the sounds of it, you're right - thank you.
  14. Well, the wheels are fitted. Random pics just for the fun of it. Now, I could be going daft having just woken from a night shift sleep - but are there not supposed to be 16 wheel nuts coming off my summer wheels? I've been given back 15.... Furthermore, I've been told that I may likely have to get the tyre pressure sensors re-coded every time I swap wheels, as the car may not pick them up...I personally think it's nonsense, but can someone confirm what the procedure is for swapping back to summers in regards to TPMS on the summer wheels? My assumption is: fit them, store winter wheels a good 30 feet from where the car is parked, and then reset the tyre pressure monitor from within vehicle settings? Seen as the sensors don't have a battery, I assume they only operate when within range to send and/or receive a signal.
  15. No worries - only £22 extra for 16 nuts. Appreciate all the help you and fellow posters have given me - it has been very helpful. Might upload a pic of the wheels when fitted (hopefully shortly, unless Ford tell me something else is wrong 😁). At least the brake dust won't show up so much on the steel wheels haha!