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  1. Without hearing it in the flesh, I'd say it could be the baffles in the exhause silencer. Or it could be the exhaust heat shield under the car have come loose.
  2. If you're still having the problem, I may have a solution. If the engine is turning normally, but refusing to start, try bump starting it (assuming it's a manual). If the engine springs into life, It's almost certainly the crank positon sensor. When the sensor is faulty the ECU can't tell what positon the pistons are in so can't fire in the correct order. I've had this happen to me on a Saab 9-5 but this was pre-OBD so it took a while to find the problem.
  3. **Update** Well, it hadn't fixed itself so I decided to get a second hand EGR valve. Before fitting I gave it a really good clean and noticed that when I took the stepper motor off, the default position was to open the valve and the motor acted against a spring to close it. I decided that since the previous owner had told me that he cleaned the EGR, I replaced just the stepper motor. I reset the values through Forscan and the car now runs really well. No EML, no clouds of smoke, no codes coming up in Forscan, nothing! My theory is that the spring in the old EGR had broken and
  4. I think you just let the engine tick over with the header tank cap off. Watch for bubbles coming through and Bob's your uncle.
  5. It was cleaned before I got it! Seems to have "fixed" itself as the EML has gone out of it's own accord. Watch this space.
  6. Greeting one and all! I've migrated here from the Focus forum as I've just bought myself a 2007 1.6tdci 109bhp C-Max after yet another of my Saabs decided to die on me. I've searched on here and the web as a whole, but can't really find an answer. I paid peanuts for the car as it needed a bottom suspension arm, a new bonnet lock, a radio and......an EGR clamp. The previous owner told me that he had removed the EGR to clean it but as he didn't have the proper tool, he couldn't refit the clamp ring so just put a jubilee clip around it. I do so I replaced it this morning with a genuine
  7. If you're getting a clunk when turning, I would have said that it's a CV joint rather than a bearing. A failed, or failing bearing makes a rumbling noise and it'll do it all the time no matter which direction the wheels are in or the road speed. Jack the car up and try and rock the wheel at the top and bottom and see what you get.
  8. If it was me, I'd start with the wiring for the drivers side switch. Nothing wrong with the motor or anything like that. Could be something simple as a dirty contact on the button itself. Gently prise the switch out and make sure the plug is in there good and solid. Give the plug and the switch itself a good spray with WD40 contact cleaner, let it dry and see how you go. HTH
  9. Have a look at this. Seems quite easy to me and the part you need is available on Amazon for a lot less that matey in the video paid!!
  10. P2008 Intake Manifold Runner Ctrl Circ/Open Bank1 No idea what it means though!!
  11. Back again! I've no continuity through my speakers so I guess they're knackered! As this is only a stop gap car, I think I'll leave it as I don't really want to spend any money on something I won't be keeping very long.
  12. P0302 Cylinder 2 misfire. I had this on a Saab 9-3 Aero. I replaced the coil pack (known weak spot) and it still came on. Changed the plug, still came on! Turns out it was the spark plug gap! The system was sooooooo over sensitive and I think the gap was a little bit too small. Start with the simple, non/low cost options. I'm not a Ford specialist but are your coil packs one for each spark plug or is it one big one? If it's an individual coil, swap it with the coil pack on number 4 cylinder. If your code stays P0302, it's a problem with the spark plug, if it changes
  13. As has already been said, DVSA now have fuel inspection vehicles. It's only a case of when, rather than if they catch you (your exhaust smells differently just in case you're wondering) the men from the ministry will take great pleasure in jumping on you from a great height. Your cars engine is designed to run on diesel, not a kerosene/vegetable oil mixture so why risk it?
  14. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions. I only have the bum basic 3 door model so not sure if it's got rear speakers. I do know that the front speakers in the doors have 4 wires going into them. Although there is a fader/balance button on the radio, if I press it it goes only to balance. There is no option to fade. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the radio and speakers? I've jury rigged a speaker tester so I shall try tomorrow (only just got home after 6 days away!!) I have noticed that there seems to be a seperate plug with only 2 wires coming out of it. They don't fo
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