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  1. 2013 with 32000 km mostly city driving I recently noticed some brake noise and did a four wheel pad replacement. All the pads had normal wear except for the outboard driver's side rear pad which had worn down to the backing in the middle. The only thing out of the ordinary I noticed on that wheel is that it was very, very hard to pull the handbrake cable out enough to release it from the caliper. It was much easier on the passenger side. After replacing the pads, clips and applying proper grease the caliper appeared to slide smoothly. after bedding in the brakes I lifted the rear and there very slight drag on both rear wheels with a good spin they would do a few full rotations. So it seams to me that the uneven wear was either the result of a stuck caliper or pad, or the handbrake being out of adjustment. If it's the caliper or pad, it is now ok, if the handbrake, it needs to be adjusted. Unfortunately thius looks to be a serious ordeal requiring dropping part of the exhaust system! Any advice? Is the drag normal, or is there not supposed to be any? According to this manual it seams that there is not supposed to be any drag at all. Please help as excessive wear can become a safety issue.
  2. I installed a backup camera a few weeks ago. I ordered a relatively cheap one off aliexpress that replaces one of the license plate lights. It was a real pain to install. I ended up drilling a hole in the part of the hatch under the trim and running the wires up through the right side rubber conduit. This required removing the entire inside trim of the hatch and the c-pillar. Once it was past the c pillar it was very simple to run it inside the upper door seals.