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  1. My New Fiesta Zetec

    Thanks very much skully, i must admit i do really like the colour myself. Thanks Amarokuk. I like the white as well, in fact i have not really seen a Fiesta colour i dislike yet tbh Its Broadwood Stadium 'fiesta_zetec-x' home of the mighty Clyde FC :D
  2. My New Fiesta Zetec

    Thanks BRGRSP If i have to go to tesco on my own i go out with busy times, and find a space well away from the door, where there are loads of empty spaces. otherwise i drop the Mrs of and collect her at the door. i have also had a car damaged by a shopping trolley at tesco in the past the car is excellent on the m/way Sherry, very smooth, feels like a bigger car actually. not opened it out yet, but it sits at 75/80 very comfortably Thanks Bashful Where in Scotland are you based? I'm in the Glasgow area myself. well Cumbernauld to be exact Thanks Sarc I actually forgot to mention in the excitement of the post, that it was your review that made me decide to go with a fiesta (i was edging towards it, but your review tipped the balance) and also after finding your review via google, it led me to this site. so thanks for both :D
  3. My New Fiesta Zetec

    Thanks for the kind words everyone :)
  4. My New Fiesta Zetec

    i certainly am FMC ! Even going to Tesco is a pleasure (well, atm anyway!)
  5. My New Fiesta Zetec

    My new Ocean Blue Fiesta 1.25i Zetec, which i took delivery of at the weekend. Absolutely delighted with the car, cant find a fault yet. Handling is outstanding, quite nippy for a 1.25, comfortable, well equipped. Feels like a vastly more expensive car IMHO. USB & Bluetooth are the only extras i chose, I'm really glad i took the option, so easy to set up, although i cant access the phonebook, i can still dial numbers via voice activation, so that will do for now. The USB connection is excellent, I have a 16GB Memory stick with 203 albums (3500 songs) on it, and its great not having a car full of CD's. was a bit of a pain ripping all those albums to PC, but well worth it Anyone still awaiting delivery is in for a treat. im finding that i am inventing places i need to be, just so i have an excuse to drive it :) The pictures were taken using my phone, so quality is not outstanding, but decent enough to view.
  6. O/T My new computer prospect

    Being a Mac fan, then its probably fair to assume that you have not used windows 7? would that be correct? I use both Snow Leopard & 7 daily, and IMHO 7 is the better OS, and by a distance for me. just my opinion. Vista was rubbish, granted, but all the issues (and lets be honest here, there were/are many) that haunted it, have been resolved, and then some! It is very fast, completely stable, and has great productivity with fewer clicks than any OS i have used. yes some of the newer features have been influenced by certain other OS, but there is nothing wrong with that IMHO. To be completely original you would have to invent something that no one else has even thought about, far less produced. each to their own, and i respect yours, and everyone else's choice, but you should give it a try, you would be surprised :)
  7. O/T My new computer prospect

    Give Windows 7 a try, it is 100 times the OS that vista is. It is better than any mac OS as well, and i use both.
  8. Hello

    Hey Guys Thought i would drop in and say hello to all. I do not own a car as of yet, but i have a Fiesta Zetec 1.25i on order, which should be with me in the next week or so (I hope!) looking forward to having a look around :)