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  1. Hi all thanks for the input. Bit of an update, i found this vid on youtube (below) and mine was making the exact same noise - damn DPF! So went out with ThePowster for a bit of a run to use up the old diesel that came in the car and to hopefully sort the regen and return the trip info. Got up to temp and thought an 8 mile run, 60mph @ 4000 rpm 3rd gear would sort the regen. Bugger "ENGINE MALFUNCTION" warning came up, oops 🙂 On way to garage noticed that the thump thump thump noise (in vid) had stopped but trip info still no working. Got to my fave place, the new Shell garage on the A38. Fuel light just came on as i pulled in. 35 litres or £50 and a double shot of millers later and off we went again. YAY all trip info back on. Hopefully engine message will go away tomoz, if not will pull the battery for a bit. Just need to replace the backup alarm now 😞
  2. Hi all newbie here, Jumped back on the Ford wagon this weekend, been a long time since owning my last Ford, was a Capri whos petrol tank fell off in a shower of spark lol which put me off Ford until my bro got his Focus a few years ago and has been a great car. Anyway, i got a 2010 Mondeo 2.0 tdci Titanium with 137000 on the clock. It drives lovely but there are a couple of (hopefully little) problems with it. When i picked it up there was an alarm service message on the convers+. The dealer told me it had a new battery fitted and probably just needed resetting ??? The next thing that became apparent was that the fuel info miles left / instant mpg / avg mpg etc went off after a short period of driving, anything from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes then the display just reads "---" ??? Now i've just covered 75 miles in it over last couple of days and when i parked up last night after a 3 mile run there was an audible clicking from somewhere behind the drivers side dash/footwell area (my bro thought it was from the stereo though) and noticed a bit of a burning smell when i got out the car, bit scared to start it up this morning lol 🙂 Also the rad fan seems to kick in quite often, even after a short run, temp gauge is rock solid though. Any advice would be appreciated 🙂 Cheers.
  3. Hi all, Just took delivery of my 2010 Mondeo 2.0 tdci at the weekend and was recommended by my brother "ThePowster" to join up. Seems like i've purchased a potential dud so will probably be here quite a bit lol 🙂 Happy motoring 🙂