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  1. rbitton782

    Galaxy ecu shutdown after alternator failed!

    GW Hi What happened with the alternator? When the Voltage Rectifier that seats on the alternator, starts to broke, he could fry delicate electronics devices, such as ecu.
  2. rbitton782

    Missing part in xenon headlights

    GW Thanks for the fast reply. Full story : i want to upgrade my headlights. Now I have regular bulbs and headlights, bought used ones without the brackets. If i have someone's vin number that a have xenon light in is spec, will be fine, i can check it through catcar or other site.
  3. rbitton782

    active grille shutter problem

    GW Hi mate Disconnect the grill engine plag, delete all warnings with the scanner, and then, start the engine.
  4. GW Hi guys Just bought a used xenon headlights. The headlights came without the metal bracket that holds the lamp itself. Can i buy this metal bracket alone? Someone knows what part number is it? Thanks for the reply. 2013 mondeo