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  1. Zece

    Has my car had a new engine?

    Thanks for the information guys, I'm going to pop to a Ford garage to see if they have the history of the car and hopefully they will disclose!! There was no information when I bought the car to state that anything has been changed/looked at etc so Ford will be my next chance!
  2. Zece

    Has my car had a new engine?

    Thank you for the reply. Not sure what to think as it was never mentioned when I purchased the car last week and it was from a reputable place. I'm guessing I will need to go to a Ford garage to see if they can bring up the history of the car? Also, if the engine is a complete replacement, wouldn't the mileage reflect this? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, So I picked up my New Focus on Monday, it's a MK3 1.0 E/B 125 Titanium X. It was immaculate, 55k on the clock. I've had a nose around earlier and it looks like it's had the replacement degas hose (on Etis site it's only got the Clutch software update showing) Now, while I was having a nose, I came across a sticker with July 2018 date on it... popped the code on Google and it looks like it's for a complete engine. Would anyone happen to know?! Pretty much everything in under the bonnet is spotless. I've attached a pic of the sticker. Cheers!
  4. Hi all! Swapped my 207 for a Focus 1.0 E/B 125 Titanium X this evening! First impressions is very nice and smooth driving! I had a Focus around 8 years ago but to say it was basic is an understatement! Only had it 2 months! I've done some research and I'll be purchasing a bluefin soon! Take it easy all! 😬