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  1. Update from me: bought a camera mentioned in a previous reply... installed it, earthed it and fed the live to the rear fuse box to connect later (remember this..) fed the video feed through to the front all while waiting for the 54pin APIM cable to come from china cable arrived within 3 days of dispatch (amazingly!) so I’ve removed the centre console to get to the sync screen (strangely wasn’t bad to do at all) and installed the cable along with connecting the video feed. now I go to install the live to a fuse... realise I haven’t got anymore piggyback fuse holders!!!! So I’ve had to order one from amazon. Doh! activated via for scan and a blue screen now comes up on reverse. so I’m hoping to complete on Sunday as I’m away for the next 2 days!! but all in all, it’s not been a bad job to install
  2. Nice one, I'll order! Cheers
  3. So I’ve had a look in the boot in my mk3.5 2018 focus and there’s no grey connector (booo!) but the 54 pin adaptor isn’t available on Amazon anymore... so does anyone know where I could get one from please?! thank you!
  4. Morning all. Does anyone know the fuse number for a permanent live either in the footwell or the boot fusebox on a MK3.5? finally back in the focus game after picking up a 2018 3.5 ST Line X yesterday 😎😎
  5. Why care what other people think? If you have seen one you like, get it! I’ve had mine for 11 years now!
  6. I found that my coolant tank had a crack on the underside of it due to the coolant pooling in the exact same place as your first pic. You may aswell change it now so you have some piece of mind!
  7. These are the ones I bought a couple of weeks ago. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pair-Standard-Metal-Pressed-Number-Plates-MOT-UK-Road-Legal-Car-Registration-Alu/292831744881?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Only had to take a copy of the documents sent through ebay messages and they were sent the next day
  8. Hi all, Got a rewire security tracker, and after fitting it thinking that the cig lighter power is unswitched... it turns off after a long period. So my question is, other than a direct feed from the battery, where's the best place to get an unswitched live from? Focus MK3 2013 btw. Cheers
  9. Great thread, loving what you've done so far! You've pushed me into getting the bonnet struts! Just ordered them from the same site for my Mk3! One question (Which you may not know) is I've got a MK3 Titanium X... shouldn't I have a lit gear knob already? I've only had the car a month so I'm still to get working on it! Cheers!
  10. Thanks for the information guys, I'm going to pop to a Ford garage to see if they have the history of the car and hopefully they will disclose!! There was no information when I bought the car to state that anything has been changed/looked at etc so Ford will be my next chance!
  11. Thank you for the reply. Not sure what to think as it was never mentioned when I purchased the car last week and it was from a reputable place. I'm guessing I will need to go to a Ford garage to see if they can bring up the history of the car? Also, if the engine is a complete replacement, wouldn't the mileage reflect this? Thank you!
  12. Hi all, So I picked up my New Focus on Monday, it's a MK3 1.0 E/B 125 Titanium X. It was immaculate, 55k on the clock. I've had a nose around earlier and it looks like it's had the replacement degas hose (on Etis site it's only got the Clutch software update showing) Now, while I was having a nose, I came across a sticker with July 2018 date on it... popped the code on Google and it looks like it's for a complete engine. Would anyone happen to know?! Pretty much everything in under the bonnet is spotless. I've attached a pic of the sticker. Cheers!
  13. Hi all! Swapped my 207 for a Focus 1.0 E/B 125 Titanium X this evening! First impressions is very nice and smooth driving! I had a Focus around 8 years ago but to say it was basic is an understatement! Only had it 2 months! I've done some research and I'll be purchasing a bluefin soon! Take it easy all! 😬