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  1. Titanium vs Zetec S (driver ages)

    Zetec S........... Aged 22 :D
  2. how to show your profile pic??

    OK lets get it started then, Heres mine to use for the colour vision :D
  3. Today I finally did it....

    nice 1 mate! glad you ended up getting one :D..... ENJOY it :P Its gonna be a longggggggggggggggggggggg four days. :P
  4. What does the waranty cover???????

    hmmmm u sure... i spoke to a guy at work, he was a customer got talking and it led to cars. He actually worked at the ford branch near me and i told him about a rattle i have coming from the back seats(sounds like it any way) and he said take it in they will sort it out!!
  5. how to show your profile pic??

    ill do the vision :D :D
  6. My new fiesta zetec s mrk7! In the spot light.

    any1 got over 120mph in the mountune upgrade then????
  7. My new fiesta zetec s mrk7! In the spot light.

    Question.... they say the upgrade makes the car acceleration quicker, 1.6 with out kit 0-60 in 9.9 seconds with kit 0-60 in 7.9seconds pretty impressive in deed, But is the top speed the same?? currently it is 120mph. Any1 done over that?......:P
  8. My new fiesta zetec s mrk7! In the spot light.

    I know i really want to get the upgrade bit prices at the min... only had her for 3 weeks sooo everythink stilll feels fresh. probs next year ay! cheers for the website mate......
  9. how to show your profile pic??

    Thanks mate :D
  10. How do you put your pic on when you reply to post's... i.e picture shows up on left hand side of post...( i have got a profile pic put for some reason it doesnt show when i post things! thanks..
  11. My new fiesta zetec s mrk7! In the spot light.

    Cheers mate.... will have a look at that :) I just cant believe how stunning the new fiesta's are, every time i look at my car i think to my self is that actually MY car. Hoping to get the mountune upgrade( not the styling pack, just the extra 20bhp and exhaust :D:D Ford have done a good job on this model also the price is low! a really good package :):):)
  12. My new fiesta zetec s mrk7! In the spot light.

    Im thinking about gettin chrome fog light surrounds for 15pound each but i dont know if it will suit my car colour. hmmmmmmmmm........
  13. Steering wheel decals

    dont like that badge put i think with the letter S on its own might be a exception :P
  14. My new fiesta zetec s mrk7! In the spot light.

    sounds gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood cheers matey will have to do some shoping, dont mind if its for my baby :P :D