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  1. I don't believe you can use a download from another VIN as it is released based on the details unique to your own VIN. I now have the updated Sync build 19205, which was downloaded from the Ford Sync website on 29 September 2019 and my ST is June 2018. Keep checking and I am sure your update will be released shortly.
  2. Is this the update you are looking for: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=ford+audio+update+2012 The above is a list from a google search - select the result headed as: https://willtaylor.org › update-ford-audio-bluetooth
  3. You have to pull both sides inwards so that it hinges open beyond the stops. I would not bother though as the process can damage the operation of the glove box.
  4. Thanks for the comments. Finally got the map update to install to F8 after about 10 attempts. No idea why it worked in the end as I did nothing different to all the other failed attempts.
  5. I have now attemted to install the navigation updates about 10 times without success. I have downloaded and unzipped the files on each attempt and have used 3 different unzip programs and 2 different memory sticks all resulting in the same error message after about 10 minutes into the update process. I am following the Ford update instructions and in the past I have sucessfully updated Sync 3 last year, so I know the update process can function, but this navigation update keeps failing. Has anybody else found a solution to complete the navigation updates?
  6. I have attempted downloading and updating the files many times and I also went through this identical exercise many times in December 2018 and eventually gave up. I have waited until recently to re-attempt the latest update with the same error responce. Very frustrating
  7. I have tried to perform the Sync 3 maps software update after downloading the latest files from the Ford Sync 3 website. The files have been sucessfully transfered to the USB Flash drive and after starting the installation process, after about 5 minutes it fails and shows - error code PKG_ERR03. Has anybody else had these issues and how did you resolve it?
  8. Thanks for your reply. That explains that its the locking nut, which the dealer must have transferred to the glove box, hence the empty space in my spare wheel compartment.
  9. hi robbyvrs, What is in the compartment with the plastic bag, as on my spare that compartment is empty and I have always wondered if something is missing?
  10. My regular tyres are 205/40 R18 so I guess the space saver is sized to suit my larger tyre size.
  11. This is a close up of the tyre size:
  12. This is the space saver spare wheel and Jack:
  13. jamkart

    Sync 3

    Since my last post dated 02/02/19, I am still unable to sign in to download the Sync 3 updates using the MY2018 ST3 VIN, which sill responds saying "Please try again later". Anybody else had this problem trying to update Sync 3 or maps, and is there any solution to resolving?
  14. I have a Garmin Dashcam 55 with the optional parking mode cable which is hardwired to the fuse box and this is designed not to drain the battery. Great camera which is very compact with tiny magnetic mount. Also has speed camera alerts with free updates.
  15. jamkart

    Sync 3

    This is what I get every time I check for an update and it had been like this for the past 4 days 😓