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  1. Thanks all. may be that I just need to get used to it before spending cash on Coil Pack, Plug Leads etc. Although there is a very slight judder at idle (both cold and hot engine) Can feel it through the seat.
  2. Yeah I agree with the gear difference. Driving around my estate the Octavia (at slow speed) was quite happy in 3rd gear. The Focus needs to be in 2nd to keep the same momentum and needs a little more push on the the accelerator to keep from labouring.
  3. Many thanks for the input peeps, really appreciate it. I love the Focus, but it does seem gutless compared to the Octavia (which I assumed was a much heavier car)
  4. Hi all, recently bought a 1.4L 2007 Focus and overall I happy with it. Low mileage for the year - (136K KM) Just sold my 2002,1.4L Skoda Octavia, took it for a test run before punter showed up as has been stationary for weeks. The difference in acceleration between the Skoda and the Focus was incredible, especially below 2000 revs! The Octavia took off like a rocket, for a 1.4L petrol, the Focus seems to labour in lower gears, yet has "Supposedly" had a full service just before I bought it. Oil does look clean, haven't checked plugs, leads or coil pack. I understand there's many other things like sensors that could be the issue, or dirty throttle body. Compared to Octavia, the MPG is dire compared to the Skoda for a 1.4L. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, I generally carry a fairly good tool kit also.
  6. LOL, have a blanket, torch, first aid kit, jump starter pack, extending wheel brace and sunglasses 😛 Have still to figure out what type of bulbs I need, seems to be some confusion re this topic. Just wondering if there's any vital relays that are known to go pop?
  7. Hi all, bought a 2007 Focus 1.4L petrol in January. Picked up some mini fuses today as the cigarette lighter isn't working. I now have plenty of 5,10,15, 20, 25 and 30 amp fuses. Is there anything else I should consider to keep in the car for emergencies? Higher rated fuses / Common relays? Thanks. Amanda.
  8. Hi David, it's the same here in Ireland regarding colour. Anything from light Orange to full on pillar box Red is classed as RED. You prob can't make out the colour of mine from my profile pic, but it's a kinda burnt orange colour, yet the log book and tax cert state "RED" Hope this helps and very best of luck with the purchase.
  9. Certainly seems to be rare on a 2007 model. Every time I go to a supermarket car park I'm looking out for similar handles, but yet to see the lock button on another Focus. Gadgets and gizmos are great, until they brake! 🙁
  10. Hi, the fob seems to be fine as it opens the 4 doors as I approach the car, just doesn't unlock the boot. The black square is on the door handle, pressing it is meant to lock and arm the car (so you never have to take your keys out of your pocket / bag) Driver's side does nothing when I press it, but passenger side button locks and arms the car as it should. I hope this makes sense 🙂
  11. Hi all, I have a remote fob keyless entry system on my Focus. I bought it a few weeks ago (privately) but am now finding the niggles that I missed on the day of purchase. The most annoying is that as I approach the car, the hatchback does not unlock and I need to press the boot release fob button twice to open it. Would anyone know the part number for this, or is it repairable? Also the square black button on the drivers door handle doesn't lock the car (passenger side is fine) Again, is this an easy fix or a replacement part? It's actually a button and not just a sensor. I'm guessing water ingress causing both issues. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Very best of luck with the new car, I hope it serves you well. I also only do about 3k per year, short journeys < a mile or two a few times a day. Wondering how this will affect battery?? Fuel economy is dreadful with this type of start / stop driving 😯
  13. Cheers mate, might get around to doing it next weekend. The days are so short at the moment, it's practically dark at 4.30pm. 😟
  14. Oh..........I thought you had to seal them from the underside of the bonnet 😯