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  1. Amanda2007

    Silicone beneath front windsheild washer jets?

    Cheers mate, might get around to doing it next weekend. The days are so short at the moment, it's practically dark at 4.30pm. 😟
  2. Amanda2007

    Silicone beneath front windsheild washer jets?

    Oh..........I thought you had to seal them from the underside of the bonnet 😯
  3. Amanda2007

    Nooo! Can't open bonnet!

    I struggled with the key for about 10 mins the other day. Had just about given up on it then decided to push down hard on bonnet, right above locking latch whilst turning the key and it opened! Not sure if I just got lucky, but might be worth a try. Hope this helps.
  4. Amanda2007

    Silicone beneath front windsheild washer jets?

    Thanks guys 👍
  5. Hi all, So, I've been reading this forum a lot since buying my 2007 Focus LX last week. As the days go by, I'm starting to notice that my car suffers from some of the common Focus problems, mainly water ingress. The engine bay seems good so far, but after reading about water ingress through the bonnet spray jets I'm wondering if I should silicone below them for good measure? Is it simply a matter of cleaning the area well and applying bathroom sealant around the underside of the jets? Many thanks for any advice or recommendations.
  6. Amanda2007

    Hi there from Ireland!

    Hi Martin, thanks for the welcome 🙂
  7. Amanda2007

    New Owner Incoming!

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
  8. Amanda2007

    Hi there from Ireland!

    Hi Scott 👍
  9. Amanda2007

    Hi there from Ireland!

    Hi Dezwez 🙂
  10. Hi all, I'm Amanda and have recently become the proud owner of a 2007 Focus LX Elegance, 1.4L petrol. I live just outside of Dublin City and this is my first time to ever own a Ford. I don't mind rolling up my sleeves and getting oily, I have done regular basic servicing and repairs on my two previous cars (thank you Haynes) Looking forward to asking lots of questions 😛 and helping out in any way I can. Thanks.