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  1. Niall

    Couple Questions

    Much help, thanks.
  2. Niall

    Couple Questions

    Fantastic, thank you. Much appreciated. One more quick question, what wire behind the headunit would be connected to the right rear speakers? Thanks.
  3. Recently had a problem with the battery, and thanks to these forums I had it fixed over night, so coming back for more help :] First off, how would I get to the Pollen filter, as my windows mist up ALOT and it's quite annoying, secondly I was wanting to replace my headlights but I'm not completely sure on what fitment the bulbs are, I was told they're either H3 or H7. Thanks.
  4. It worked, gonna go up and check those things shortly, thanks again :]
  5. Just charging it now, got it on an RAC Battery charger, hope it's all ok. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Just tried a couple solutions that I found online, matching the symptoms of my problem to no avail. I can turn the key to bring on the electronics, they all work fine, but then when I go to ignition it all cuts out, I also noticed that if I lock the car using the keyhole all the electrics come back online, if that's any help to figuring out what's wrong.
  7. Thanks very much, I'll check in the morning, appreciate the quick, helpful reply. :] Yeah, as far as I know the battery is the original.
  8. How certain are you? :) I had just driven home from Manchester which is about 30 minutes or so.
  9. Well, I bought a mk2 Mondeo zetec a couple weeks back and it's been fine, noticed the speakers in the rear door weren't working, so decided to investigate, at this point I'll point out I'm not the most experienced in electricals, looked around and all wires seemed fine, I plugged in the System Remote Control wire, as that wasn't plugged into anything, all the electricals were working fine, put the head unit back into it's place, then when I went to start the engine everything went off. Come online to check some problems, then went back to the car to find the electricals had come back on, yet when I try start the engine it would all go off again, I also noticed there was a tick sound that came from the engine when I tried to start the engine, does anyone have any clue as to what has happened? Thanks.