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  1. Fitted mud guards Chrome exhaust tip instead of the pea shooter Aluminium pedals New top for gear knob Posted in wrong section. Should be in what have you done to your focus today.. sorreee
  2. Hi all. I'm a new owner of a 2017 Titanium X. Lovely car to drive with all the toys. The only thing that lets it down is the pea shooter exhaust. Does anyone know where I can get the chrome tip to put on. It's the one where the end bends down. Many thanks guys, any help is appreciated
  3. Hi Trevor, Thanks for the reply. I will get the garage to do a compression test whilst they have it. They rang today telling me there's fuel coming out the exhaust. I'm leaning towards a fuel injector being stuck open, therefore over fueling. There going to check all injectors and renew all 4. Told em to stick some new plugs in and check all coil packs. Did notice that when sat in drivers seat and press the start button, (without starting engine). There's a clicking maybe half a dozen times under the passenger side dashboard. Then it stops. I've never noticed it before, not sure if it's related of not
  4. Hi Trevor, yes mate it's 2.0 Ecoboost. Not looking good then. It's not burning oil, just a strong smell of fuel and the plug is we with petrol not oil. Would have thought the plug that's wet would be wet with oil if it's a piston problem? Not sure though not a mechanic really. Got it towed to the local garage.. will keep you posted. Thanks for the reply
  5. Hi all, I own a 2010 X Sport with 59k on the clock. Last year the eml started flashing, then loads of white smoke and misfiring. Managed to get home just. Plugged it in and came up misfire in cylinder 3. So I ordered 4 coil packs from Ford and changed them all. Everything was fine till last week when the same thing happened. So I unplugged them one by one and came up misfire in cylinder 3. Right. Reset the eml and code. Started the car again and it said multiple random misfire. I ordered 4 connectors for the coil packs and rewired them. It's still the same. Now I'm thinking injectors. Any help would be appreciated. Number 3 plug is wet and the other 3 are sooty. I've changed all the plugs and makes no difference
  6. New coilpacks fitted. Runs like a new car..
  7. Update. Bought a OBD2 code reader. It says misfire in cylinder 1. Took the plug out and it was very sooty.
  8. Hi all, I own a 2010 Titanium X Sport. 2.0 petrol. Yesterday the eml started flashing for about 5 seconds then a horrible smell. The car was running ok. I was only about 4 miles from home so just took my time. The light flashed a few more times then stayed off. Went to car this mornjng, started ok. Everything seemed ok so set off. Just pulled on to main road when eml light started flashing again, looked in the mirror and there were clouds of greyish smoke. Then the engine started running really rough, misfiring etc, would rev at all. Managed to limp back to the house. There's a really strong smell of unburnt fuel. Done some research and everything is pointing to a faulty coilpack. I've orderd some from Ford at a cost of £245 for 4 new ones. My car has only covered 57k in 10 years. Are these known to be a weak point, or am I just unlucky. Thanks
  9. Hi all. Just looking for advice. I'm wanting to upgrade my mirrors on my MK4 Titanium X Sport to the MK4.5 ones with the indicators built in. I've been told that Focus MK3 ones are a direct fit. Could anyone confirm this. I realise I would have to take the wire from the side indicator up to the mirror.. Thanks in advance..
  10. No mate, not heard any news on race chips. I went with Bluefin cos of all the good reviews
  11. Hi Dean, I own a 2010 X Sport. I've got Bluefin, and k&n panel filter. Big difference in power,. Would recommend
  12. Thanks mate, will check that out in the morning. Just wondering if when I had the gearbox fluid changed they didn't put the airbox back quite right. Mmm 😀
  13. Had a good listen under the bonnet today while my wife held the throttle at 2k revs. I put my ear on the airbox, and that seems where the whining noise is coming from. Had a new power steering pump fitted last week so that's all quiet. Any idea why the airbox is making a noise guys Cheers
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