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  1. Hi all. Just looking for advice. I'm wanting to upgrade my mirrors on my MK4 Titanium X Sport to the MK4.5 ones with the indicators built in. I've been told that Focus MK3 ones are a direct fit. Could anyone confirm this. I realise I would have to take the wire from the side indicator up to the mirror.. Thanks in advance..
  2. No mate, not heard any news on race chips. I went with Bluefin cos of all the good reviews
  3. Hi Dean, I own a 2010 X Sport. I've got Bluefin, and k&n panel filter. Big difference in power,. Would recommend
  4. Thanks mate, will check that out in the morning. Just wondering if when I had the gearbox fluid changed they didn't put the airbox back quite right. Mmm 😀
  5. Had a good listen under the bonnet today while my wife held the throttle at 2k revs. I put my ear on the airbox, and that seems where the whining noise is coming from. Had a new power steering pump fitted last week so that's all quiet. Any idea why the airbox is making a noise guys Cheers
  6. Its the Getrag model. Think I'll take it back and let them listen
  7. Hi All, I recently had the fluid changed on my powershift gearbox. The changing seems a lot better, but its developed a whining noise. You can hear it even in neutral or park. Would not using the correct fluid cause this, as I took it to an Auto gearbox specialist who only charged me £240 Inc vat and also reset the software in the gearbox. Its more noticeable between 2&3k revs Any help, ideas guys Cheers
  8. I've got a powershift gearbox, just had the fluid changed. Made a huge difference. I took mine to the Automatic gearbox specialist in Hilton Derbyshire . When I went to collect the car the chap showed me a bench full of powershift boxes all in pieces. I told him mine was jerky at junctions etc. Luckily the fluid change stopped it. He did show me the plastic ring on the gearbox and showed me how much slack was in the ring, he said that was the cause of the jerky issues. When was the fluid last changed. Got mine done for £240 Inc vat, and the gearbox was reset. These guys really know their stuff
  9. Lol never thought of the cruise control. Not sure now
  10. Hi Simon, Mine has the same. I think it's the forward warning system. Think it was an optional extra
  11. Not sure really. I took it too an auto gearbox specialist, so I would think they used the proper fluid. Going to ring them in the morning and ask
  12. Hi all I own a 2010 Titanium X Sport with 50k on the clock. I decided to have the fluid changed in the gearbox. It was ready as the filter was black. It drives really smooth now, the only problem is its developed a whine, not too bad but can hear it at slow speeds. Has anybody experienced the same issues. I'm just wondering wether it will get quieter as the fluid gets older
  13. Oil leak from sump gasket or worse Main seal.