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  1. I had water leaking into the boot and pooling in the spare tyre well and despite all of the you tube videos I couldn't fix it. After taking out the lining on the right hand side above the wheel arch I could see water running down the weld/seam leading up to the rear brake lights. After watching you tube I used silicone around the hinges as advised but it still leaked. For anyone having this specific leak and the hinge silicone tip doesn't work for you this is where the problem may be. Lift the plastic runner on the roof on the side that's leaking near the boot and you will see a seam underneath it. Mine had a bit of green algae on the point where the leak was. One blob of silicone over the seam and it hasn't leaked since. I think the seams on the Focus are so poorly done it could leak on any one of these seams but I hadn't seen anyone suggest this one before.