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  1. Well today received a reply from Fords stating fair wear and tear, cannot help. of course without the parts I have not leg to stand on and not being a mechanic I have to go by what the garage states. So so reluctantly I have swallow the costs and me t car will not be purchased from Ford.
  2. Hi, well i have written an email to Ford customer services and there reply was fair wear and tear and under the circumstances they would not entertain any refund. Yes I spoke to my garage John Grose and they told me to speak to Ford Customer services. I just feel that if this up date had been available last year when my car broke Down perhaps I would have had some warning and of course could have had any problem rectified at the time. I have had my reply from Ford Customer Relationship a Centre and Stephen Garrad. i feel that I am being Fobbed off.
  3. Thanks for all your messages, re the re call for updated innovative software drivers aid. however Christmas 2017, my car came to a sudden halt and basically all that is listed in the re call letter happened to my car, clutch burnt out, fly wheel broken, clutch caught alight etc, car only me 35000 miles serviced by Fords etc. Had to have the car towed into garage. All parts replaced, Fords would not even offer any reductions and or refunds, there was no prior warning on the dash board, so it sound like I had problems which could have been spotted if the software had been fitted back in 2017? Fords now tell me that it was just fair wear and Tear. any thoughts on this please?
  4. I have received a letter from Fords stating that my Focus requires a re call to insert an innovative software as a driving aid, to detect clutch slip and avoid a multitude of damages to the clutch etc. has anyone received a similar re call letter and if so have you had any problems with the clutch etc in the past.