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  1. Have to check out which one it is later, i changed it a few months ago when the battery warning light came on. These more serious problems appeared after changing battery! Today i cleaned the battery terminals and connectors and everything and it worked but the problem doesnt occur constantly so we'll see. :)
  2. Well in fact she hasnt! But she describes the steering as getting stiff while the car was running, as if the drive belt stopped working! Is it even possible? Anyways, ill check out the terminals and wiring!
  3. Well when i changed the battery the terminals seemed allright, guess ill have to take a closer look on the cable connectors!
  4. Help needed with a Ford Fiesta 1.0 2012! The battery warning light comes on every now and then, i have changed the car battery recently to a Bosch S5 and i have measured the battery voltage while the car is running and and the alternator seems allright. The other night when my girlfriend was driving the car everything went all black, all lights got shut but the car was still running...Radio died aswell! She described the steering wheel as very stiff and hard to turn around, she parked the car and phoned me. A few moments later the car worked normally again and she drove it home, weird ***** indeed! Im wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and could give advice on what to do! Thanks in advance!